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They warn of fungus in patients hospitalized for COVID-19

The Epidemiological and Health Intelligence Unit (UIES) issued an alert on December 9 about Candida auris, detected in ten patients hospitalized for SARS-CoV-2.

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Mexican authorities have reported cases of Candida auris , a drug-resistant fungus that has infected patients hospitalized with COVID-19. The Epidemiological and Sanitary Intelligence Unit (UIES) of the Epidemiology Directorate issued a warning to all the second or third level Hospital Epidemiological Surveillance Units in Mexico for the presence of this fungus in people hospitalized for the pandemic disease.

The alert released on December 9 warns that 10 cases of this disease were identified in Nuevo León in hospitalized patients who suffered pneumonia as a result of the coronavirus and with a history of mechanical ventilation, urinary catheter, central venous catheter, prolonged stay and antibiotic therapy.

Five of the infections were reported to have manifested in the bloodstream and the others in the urinary tract. Similarly, 34 colonizations of the same virus were required , this means that there were carriers who did not develop the disease.

As a measure, UIES advised the isolation of patients, preferably individual rooms, also the reinforcement of disinfection and sanitary measures.

What is Candida auris?

Candida auris is a type of yeast that can cause a serious infection in patients who are admitted to a hospital or nursing homes for the elderly. In general, they are people who are already very sick. C auris infections usually do not get better with antifungal medications that are usually used to treat candida infections, meaning the fungus is often resistant to these medications. This infection is very rare in healthy people.

Prevention measures for this disease

Among the prevention measures are the identification of cases, hygiene in hands, isolation of infected patients to avoid contagion, immediate attention to symptoms and environmental cleaning.