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Strenna 2020 how to calculate it? and deadline of when it is paid

Take note of these tips to give a reward that motivates your team.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. This article was updated on December 10, 2019

December arrives and expenses increase: Christmas shopping ruins the pockets of many. It is for this reason that the obligation of the 2020 bonus is a necessary part for the employee's wallet.


The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language defines the Christmas gift as a gift that is given at Christmas, although it is also called in the same way as that given at another party or occasion.

In Mexico the bonus is more than a tradition since, as a benefit, it is a labor right recognized by article 87 of the Federal Labor Law , which establishes that workers will have the right to an annual bonus that must be paid before the 20th December, figure that will be equivalent to at least fifteen days of salary.

You as an employer should know that there are laws that support your employee in relation to bonuses, a right that your team earned with effort after a whole year of work. Do not forget that a happy worker produces much better.

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So that you are not going to suffer a setback with your employees, it is good that you know certain tips regarding the Christmas bonus. Thus, you will know with certainty what to do when delivering this expected benefit:

1. Time: if the worker has not completed the year of service in the company, regardless of whether he is working on the date of delivery of the settlement of this bonus, he has all the right to receive the proportional amount of the same, understanding that it depends of the time they have worked, the adjustment to those fifteen days of pay.

2. How and how is it calculated: the minimum legal amount is fifteen days' salary, but you should know that some companies give more. That depends only on you as an employer. The bonus must be calculated based on the current daily salary, but if your employee receives a variable salary, the calculation must be done by taking an average of the salaries received during the year, or during the time he has been working.

4. Formula: to calculate the amount of an employee's bonus, you must divide his monthly income by 30 to obtain the daily salary and then multiply that figure by the number of days your company grants (minimum 15).

5. Disability: if the employee is part of the group of disabled workers , or in maternity, he will still be considered as an active worker and must receive his bonus, and if he has not yet completed the year of service, he must receive a pay proportional to what he obtained during your work time.

6. Type of payment: you must do it in cash and with the legal tender. You cannot deliver vouchers or merchandise.

7. Discounts: you can discount percentages in case your employee has debts of alimony or credits with your company.

8. Penalties : you should know that there is an article, number 1002 of the Federal Labor Law , which says that if you do not pay the corresponding bonus , you can become a creditor of a fine that ranges between 3 and 315 days of minimum wage.

9. Who receives it: the right to receive the 2020 Christmas bonus is not conditional on positions or categories. Anyone who is a worker has the right to obtain it.

10. Conditions: this payment is not conditional on the annual period of services, so if your employee did not work the last year in full, he should still receive a bonus in proportion to the time worked.

Do not spend your Christmas bonus 2020

If you have already received or will receive your 2020 Christmas bonus next week at the latest, we recommend that you not spend it and, on the contrary, use it responsibly . Some tips to take advantage of this year-end bonus are:

  • Avoid emotional expenses. Don't be tempted to spend it on things that are on sale or that you don't really need. That is, do not make compulsive purchases.
  • Pay debts. The best gift you can give yourself for 2020 is to start the year with less financial pressure.
  • Don't spend everything on Christmas gifts. Remember, you really are not Santa Claus. It is better to give something simple, but with meaning than something expensive.
  • Save. Save your money, but avoid grabbing "little by little" in ant expenses.
  • Invest it wisely. Do not put all "your eggs in one basket" and use different investment tools such as Cetes, funds, stocks, savings accounts, etc.
  • Do not lend it. Unless he is a person you absolutely trust, it is always better to have "clear accounts and long friendships."