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VIDEO: Think big and ask for money big, Silvina Moschini's recommendation to build your business

The co-founder of the pink unicorn TransparentBusiness chatted with us about raising capital for a multi-million dollar business, what it's like to be an entrepreneur and the obstacles she has had to overcome in the US as a migrant.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Starting a company is not an easy thing and even less taking it to a valuation of one billion dollars. Now imagine that you are a migrant entrepreneur and that you must face great challenges to raise capital in the United States.

Silvina Moschini

That is the story of Silvina Moschini , the founder of TransparentBusiness , a SaaS to manage and monitor the remote workforce that last October reached the category of unicorn, as well as the SheWorks! Networking community.

"My company is a pink unicorn because it is a company founded and led by a woman and because pink is my favorite color. I wanted to show that unicorns, the billion dollar businesses, have no gender," Silvina told us when opening the 2021 season of Entrepreneur Masters , the section of Entrepreneur in Spanish where we talk with leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world.

The remote work technology that Silvina had built was boosted

We leave you the broadcast if you couldn't see it live!

Phrases of a pink unicorn

During her talk, Silvina left us some phrases that can inspire you on your entrepreneurial path. Which is your favorite?

On female participation in business

"Unicorns are genderless and we need to have more representation of women in the business world."

About sisterhood

"A true queen is the one who accommodates another's crown without telling him that it was crooked."

About the entrepreneurial spirit

"Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, you have to have a lot of spirit of work and sacrifice."

On facing the critics

"Don't believe me, look at me"

On raising capital

"You have to think big and ask for big money. With little money you don't make 100 billion dollar companies. You need capital to be able to dominate the market."

About attitude

"The key is to think differently and think big. Don't limit yourself by what you think exists."

About playing by the rules

"There are many opportunities, but you have to hack the system."

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