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'POST COVID CLINIC': an At-Home Rehabilitation Model for Covid-19 Patients

Through a live session on its social networks, Grupo SOHIN today presented an attention service under the Hospital at Home model.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Saturation and high cost of hospitalization due to COVID-19 What can we do about this problem? The curve of the COVID19 pandemic, as expected, has had a resurgence in several countries and Mexico is no exception. Since December we have been experiencing a significant increase in the number of new cases with the consequent oversaturation of both public and private hospitals due to the admission of people complicated with a diagnosis of severe pneumonia due to COVID-19. The health report in Mexico City until January 4 reported 82% hospital occupancy and an availability of less than 1000 beds, this news is forceful and alarming in a city of more than 8 million people.

On the other hand, the pandemic makes evident the great problem generated by the little access to health that most Mexicans experience, not only because of a saturated health system, but also because of the shocking economic imbalance that exists, and that results in that very few citizens can afford their medical care. It is reported that a complex hospitalization case can reach 29 million pesos; This high cost is due to the length of hospital admission and the high consumption of specialized and highly complex supplies and technology. Long-term stays are not only costing thousands of pesos, but are also contributing to saturation and low availability of rooms and beds.

AMIS, the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions, warned in recent days about the high costs in hospitals and the property damage to families: "For insurers, the first estimates of spending on COVID-19 were 300 to 400 million dollars , but now we believe that it can exceed 1,000 million dollars ”. Insurance companies are convinced that if the test result is confirmatory for COVID-19 and symptoms appear, it is of the utmost importance to be treated immediately, since if oxygenation drops to less than 90% the possibility of complication is high.

For these reasons, it is urgent to take action on the matter from the health sector, proposing solutions and practical strategies to face the situation.

Image: Courtesy Grupo SOHIN

Multidisciplinary care and rehabilitation at home

For almost 12 years, Grupo SOHIN, a 100% Mexican company, has specialized in the care and accompaniment of patients with chronic degenerative non-communicable diseases and chronic contagious infections, based on the principle of personalized attention and care at home. Currently, the company serves more than 25,000 patients a month in 19 cities nationwide, combining remote care by telemedicine and home-care services such as medical and nursing care, sampling, application of medicines and rehabilitation, in addition to psychological and nutritional support for the patient, their caregiver and their family.

Taking advantage of their experience, their technological infrastructure and their team of more than 150 experts, they have been coordinating contagion prevention protocols in companies for 10 months and treating positive COVID patients with the "Hospital at home" model with excellent results, from their center of telephone service 800-COVID19 (800-2684319). Now they present a new POST-COVID CLINIC an innovative model of "Multidisciplinary care and rehabilitation at home", with which "patients can return to their homes without having to lose close and specialized care as well as surveillance, prevention and treatment of the consequences that they may have after having suffered COVID-19 ”, says Dr. Fernando Castilleja, an internist with a high specialty in Critical Medicine and Medical Director of the Post-Covid Clinic.

Dr. Alejandra López Neri, a doctor certified by the British Medical Council and National Head of Operations, highlights that “The Post COVID Clinic program offers nursing services, installation of hospital-type equipment at home and medical observation with respiratory rehabilitation and physiotherapy, which become essential for POST-COVID patients. In addition, we provide psychological support, showing that the COVID-19 disease can cause emotional problems in one out of every five patients ”. The terrible experience of suffering from illness, isolation and fear, causes anxiety disorders, depression and insomnia. Additionally, personalized nutritional consultations and monitoring will be provided for weight recovery and metabolic balance.

This integrated service can last from 4 to 24 weeks, depending on the stratification, evolution and recovery of each patient.

"At SOHIN we are working to provide these options, promoting early exits from hospitals for the release of beds, providing an exclusive and high-quality service at home to patients who have passed the most critical stage of the COVID-19 disease," said the Dr. Álvaro Cabrera, Medical Director of Grupo SOHIN.

Finally Juana Ramírez, CEO of Grupo SOHIN commented: “SOHIN we put the patient at the center and we commit to the urgent need we must act as a team prioritizing health and human dignity, so we continue to take care of ourselves, attend to new cases and give follow up on all those who have been through the hardest part of the battle. "