This Project Democratizes AI Investments On The Blockchain

The D.AI.SY project powered by Endotech lets people get income upfront, as well as a residual income from trading profits
This Project Democratizes AI Investments On The Blockchain
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Blockchain technology is quickly becoming a popular method to create and sustain various businesses. It was first recognized when cryptocurrency went mainstream. However, it has not been heavily utilized in the financial industry until now. 

A noteworthy example of emergent blockchain technology is D.AI.SY, a crowdfunding model that enables cryptocurrency holders to receive equity in various forms, as well as peer-to-peer rewards through a secure system of crowdfunding supported by blockchain technology.

D.AI.SY lets people get income upfront, as well as a residual income from trading profits. It also provides investors with stock equity through its proprietary PACESETTER equity bonus system.

The first undertaking of D.AI.SY is a crowdfunding project with a major artificial intelligence company, Endotech. The D.AI.SY-Endotech team is looking to develop AI-powered investing to unlock high-risk/high-return alpha from aggregated financial data. This tactical investing technology can produce substantially increased probability and reduced risks while keeping high-returns potential for investors. 

D.AI.SY is currently working on a Tron Smart Contract. There are many benefits to Smart Contract Technology, as it allows for safe interaction between D.AI.SY and its members, as the scaling of transaction capacity with low transaction fees. All Smart Contract transactions are transparent for verification on the blockchain. Further, the Smart Contract is also immutable and indestructible, having the ability to persist to the end of time after it is launched.

For context, Endotech has specialized for years in developing fully-automated tactical investment platforms based on dynamic artificial intelligence modeling.

D.AI.SY is Endotech’s newest project which is set to deliver a new standard of predicting the probability of success in various trading markets like Forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, among other traditional markets. 

The team is spearheaded by CEO and co-founder Dr. Anna Becker, and COO and co-founder Dmitry Gooshchin. The co-founders possess immense knowledge of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, and their ingenuity is set to be reflected in their project for years to come.

Dr. Becker has achieved a plethora of success in the fintech space of artificial intelligence.  She founded Strategy Runner (acquired by MFGlobal), a trading software tool that provided full automation capabilities for over 50,000 clients with over 300 professional strategy developers. She has also worked with over 35 systematic funds and artificial intelligence technologies for brokers during her time with the Gilboa Fund-of-Funds.

Dr. Becker manages a team that oversees over 20 proprietary artificial intelligence systems that are currently operating in EndoTech. She has extensive knowledge and experience as she has worked with over 300 brokers, and served as a compliance officer working with regulatory entities, such as NFA and CFTC.

Endotech has big plans for the development of the D.AI.SY software technology, which aims to produce more predictable, stable and reduced risk investment gains in various trading markets. The Daisy solution aims to rebalance the investment ecosystem by harnessing technological developments for improved investment opportunities and sustainability while offering certified network participants access to automated investment.

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