Designing With a Flair For Luxury

A lead designer with two top-notch luxury brands brings the very untraditional elements of comfort and culture into Luxury while also ensuring it is sustainable

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With a flair for industrial couture and modern comfort clothing, Amit Aggarwal is the name behind two prominent labels in the fashion industry. AM.IT being an exploratory, quirky and edgy line which creates textiles that are cool and contemporary. With this label, Aggarwal has made an attempt to push the envelope of the Indian culture to come up with textiles that bring a modern perspective to mundane things. His couture line is an elevated version of his style and presents apparels that are more refined, custom fit for specific occasions, and incorporate some interesting elements of modern craftsmanship from the country.

AMIT aggarwal, Designer

Sustainable luxury: A rare commodity

Aggarwal strongly believes that this era is clocking back to finding beauty in that which also has a heart and soul, rather than something meant merely for instant gratification. People resonate with the idea's reason to exist. After all, something that has a soul is likely to prevail in its spirit and find a way to survive in the times to come. For Aggarwal, moving towards sustainability was always a part of the master plan. Whether it is through the people who are involved, their language or perhaps the design of clothes, sustainability for luxury, for Aggarwal goes beyond the idea of class. It is about people who are able to sustain their vision and take it forward with full vigor.

A word for Gen-next designers

To designers and creators of the new generation, Aggarwal extends his word of advice to be creative, concentric and conscious with their designs, and have the much needed patience and hardwork that cannot be substituted. He recommends the approach of understanding the organization and the people that you are designing for to come up with the best solutions in the workspace. The perks and perils of being a designer go hand-in-hand. Aggarwal finds the challenges as a designer interesting and it keeps him excited. He feels his heart is close to what he loves doing while also making a significant impact and a relevant statement with his style.

Plagiarism in the design industry

With years of experience behind him in the design industry, Aggarwal accepts, “Plagiarism affected me a lot in the beginning but now I take it in my stride.” He understands that what he creates becomes a source of inspiration for many in the country and smaller markets. Having said that, he believes in the importance of having robust copyright provisions for fashion and design in the country. He also thinks that it keeps him in check to keep making newer things and bringing out better ideas.

The Indian market and luxury couture

Aggarwal recognizes the evolving market and foresees a dramatic shift in what the younger generation will come up with. Especially in the pandemic, he thinks people have become more conscious to associate with brands that have a voice.

With a conscious digital approach Aggarwal has launched his website and started marketing for his brand for a wider reach on the e-commerce platform. With a changing audience, he calls “The Indian Bride” more independent and expressive as a person with her sense of self. Aggarwal wants to take the plunge to explore newer materials and ideas with his ventures. He feels that times are changing for Indian luxury couture and it is here to stay.