5 Post-Workout Hygiene habits that you must follow

Hygiene has found new respect in the COVID-19 era where sanitizing is very crucial to keep the virus at bay. Workouts get messy, and with or without Corona, there are some hygiene habits that can keep you healthy

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Working out is no longer about just fitness in millennial’s generation. It is a lifestyle choice with a huge fitness and accessorizing industry now linked with it. Irrespective of whether you work out to tone your body, become buff or perhaps just to be with the social media generation of gym-selfies, when you actually get to the exercise part, things get real!


Today people plan every work-out to-the-t with a trendy gym outfit, a protein-heavy diet plan, and even the most impactful work-out music for the power-packed session. They only thing that remains under-attended is pre and post-workout hygiene. Here are 5 hygiene habits you must inculcate to remain healthy, especially under the COVID influence:

Sanitize your workout areas

Whether you are working out at home or going to your local gym, cleaning your workout space is a must-do before every workout session. Wipe down your equipment at home simply to clean the sweat and dirt from the last day’s workout. If you’re going to a public gym, sanitization becomes all the more essential. You can use spray sanitizers to use the sanitize the equipment that you’re about to use. Also, sanitize any benches, dumbbells, and other surfaces you’d touch to stay safe from any viruses.

Hydrate sufficiently with a clean personal bottle

As important as it is to stay hydrated during a work-out, keeping your water bottle clean is also important. Try using a screw-lid water bottle rather than a sipper which tends to get more exposed to dirt. Especially in this pandemic, having a personal water bottle is important to not share any oral bacteria and viruses. Wash your bottle regularly with soap and dry it out for the next session.

Wipe off sweat with a clean towel

During a workout one naturally tends to sweat that can clog pores, allow germs to enter your body while also affecting your skin. Wipe off this sweat with a clean personal towel at regular intervals during your workout. This helps your skin to breathe while also keeping germs at bay.

Take a shower post-workout

The importance of a post-workout shower cannot be emphasized enough. Try to take a shower immediately after a work-out to wash away any bacteria, germs and viruses before they can enter your body. You can also use an anti-bacterial wash to kill any bacteria on your body after a heavy work-out session.

Take a warm water nasal wash

This habit is essentially relevant in COVID times. Taking steam or a warm nasal wash after a workout can ensure that all viruses and allergens can be cleaned out before they cause any potential harm. This can also be great for winters where the risk of catching a cold or sinus infection is higher.

Make these easy habits a part of your daily workout regime to stay safe and fit while working out in the pandemic. A stitch in time can save nine, just like a healthy-workout habit that can stay for a lifetime!

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