Former Homeless Man Makes Leaps With A Homeless Franchise

Tyrone Evans Clark Inc.'s 'Homeless Sam & Sally' was just a video game and television series idea, but later on, manifested into a live-action feature film

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Tyrone Evans Clark Inc. has made another leap for the Tyrone Evans Clark franchise, Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie from 2020 and along with its TV Series (on Binge Networks) counterpart into next year. The film is still being played since the wide release all over the world in fall 2020. Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie is the first film in the franchise that was directed, written, executive produced by Tyrone Evans Clark (also starred in as “Sam”).

Homeless Sam & Sally

Tyrone predominately comes from a gaming development and a 3D CGI artist background. He is known for creating interactive media/advance technology for Qualcomm and Beckman Coulter Diagnostics. Previous experience working on Disney Infinity 2.0/3.0 (video game) (QA game and live services tester: pre-production), WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 (video game) (3D Artist: pre-production), NBC’s television series Reverie as a CGI Artist, etc.

Originally way before COVID-19 outbreak, Homeless Sam & Sally was just a video game and television series idea, but later on, manifested into a live-action feature film. Binge Networks stated that, “Production will be up and running again and new episodes of Homeless Sam & Sally should be airing sometime in 2021.”

In releasing the film on September 2020, a lot of prestigious film festivals have already honored this film as a multi-award winner. Some of the awards include:

  • 2021 Gold Star Movie Awards (Best Comedy Feature)
  • 2020 INDO-GLOBAL International Film Festival (Best Director of The Year Award)
  • 2020 Couch Film Festival (Best Director, Nominated for Best Short Film)
  • 2020 The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards (Nominated for Best Genre)
  • 2020 Hollywood Blood Horror Festival (Best Feature Film, Best Supporting Actor)
  • 2020 Prague International Monthly Film Festival (Best Feature/Comedy - Honorable Mention)
  • 2020 Toronto Film Magazine Fest (Best Comedy)
  • 2020 Virgin Spring Cinefest (Best Amateur Film, Best Actor, Best Director)

Production almost went over their budget of $200,000 because of adding in a few medical personnel and being behind schedule due to COVID-19. Tyrone Evans Clark Inc. has plans on bringing a few household names such as Max Aria, Kevin Scarlett, Camille Calvin, Darnell Baldwin, Mehmet Edip, Romeial Hilaire, Margaret Newborn, and Mark Schaefer back to the television series on Binge.

The film will also have a VR (virtual reality) version of itself and should be released digitally for the public sometime in 2021 or later in 2022.

As an entrepreneur, Tyrone has shown the world that anything is possible in spite of his mental demons. The film tells the story of a mother (Margaret Newborn) and her son who unexpectedly is forced to live on the streets of Koreatown (neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA), but the story's main focus is on the son “Sam”.

In this feature the main character “Sam” who is played by Tyrone battles throughout the film with mental illness and his sexual identity. This also gives viewers a deeper clarification of Tyrone’s mental state during his humble years as a homeless man. TEC Inc. announced that there might be a few uncomfortable scenes in the film regarding mental health. Mental health is so vital in today’s world and it still doesn’t get enough attention, especially in the African-American community. Tyrone has admitted to the public that he has issues battling mental traumas from his adolescents. One of his role models is Lee Thompson Young who was a child actor from the ’90s. Lee was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder that later on died very young by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Lee’s death gave Tyrone a reality check to seek help and along with sharing his story with others. Lee was also part of his inspiration for Homeless Sam & Sally.

Presently Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie is becoming more and more controversial every day in a good way. We expect Tyrone to continue to let the world see his vulnerability and to keep up with the risky moves. Entrepreneurs constantly live risky lives while collecting the dough and Tyrone has proven that this tactic works.