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Is it illegal to have your ticket checked at the supermarket?

Profeco could fine 834.15 and up to 3,262,498.76 pesos and the supermarket must compensate for damages if the commission of a crime cannot be proven.

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Many supermarkets, especially price clubs, check your ticket before leaving their facilities to confirm that an excess product is not leaving. However, according to a Money in Picture report , this measure could be illegal.

According to the site, articles 9 and 10 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law (LFPC) , suppliers of goods or services are prohibited from taking actions that violate the freedom or safety of consumers, under the pretext of registration or ascertainment.

For example, article 10 “is prohibited for any supplier of goods or services to carry out actions that threaten the freedom or security or personal integrity of consumers under the pretext of registration or investigation. In the event that someone is caught in the flagrant commission of a crime, the suppliers, their agents or employees will limit themselves, under their responsibility, to without delay bringing the alleged offender to the disposal of the competent authority. The infringement of this provision will be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of this law, regardless of the reparation of non-material damage and compensation for the damages caused in the event that the crime charged is not proven. "

In the event that a customer is caught stealing, supermarket employees should only limit themselves to putting the alleged offender at the disposal of the corresponding authorities.

If the supermarket continues with the review of customers, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office (Profeco) could fine 834.15 and up to 3,262,498.76 pesos and the commercial site must compensate for damages caused if the commission of a crime cannot be proven.

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