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This Is the Year When We Will Travel Again According to Bill Gates

The billionaire called for the vaccines to be distributed quickly to poor countries as well.

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When will we be able to travel again and resume our life in the closest way to normality? Until 2022. This was predicted by Bill Gates in a talk with Andrew Ross Sorkin of CNBC and The New York Times on the social network of audio rooms Clubhouse .

Chesnot | Getty Images

The Microsoft co-founder said that care should be taken when traveling until 2022 because “vaccines are not arriving. In the United States the supply situation is going well ”.

Gates called for both vaccines and anti-COVID-19 treatment drugs to be supplied to both rich and poor countries.

The philanthropist pointed out that despite the fact that since mid-February he has already had the second dose of the vaccine, he will continue to take care of himself with a mask and obey the healthy distance measures.

"I'm not going to stop using masks or being careful, especially with older people who have not been vaccinated."

You can find the full talk on YouTube .