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What Is Feminism? YouTube Publishes These Video Lists for International Women's Day

YouTube's female community tackles topics of interest in three content-packed playlists on self-esteem, sisterhood, the story behind 8M and modern feminism.

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164 years after the protests that led to , has grown stronger and has become a voice that steadily seeks in society. To commemorate this date, from YouTube we launched playlists made by women from different parts of the world on empowerment, the events behind this day and inspiring stories from many of them.

The videos, now compiled into playlists, are hosted by personalities such as , Inés Palacios, Regina Carrot, Sonia TV, Maquis Camargo , among other members of the community, with powerful messages to encourage them to get to know and continue to grow. of a better place.

Behind International Women's Day

The story behind International Women's Day dates back to 1857 and the protests organized by women belonging to the textile industry, becoming a date to remember these events and highlight the gender gap. In this list there are videos about the origin of the date, the importance of feminism and its complexity, the gender gap in different areas, including work, recommendation of feminist books, to the question of what role men play in the movement.

Women who break barriers

Inspiring stories not only serve to recognize women who excel in a specific area, they are also a way to empower all who see them. This video series features stories from careers like Biomedicine and Biology, to tips on how to ask for a raise.

All about female empowerment

What does the word sisterhood mean? What is the Body Positive ? All of these answers are found in a video list on female empowerment; each chapter inspires you to better understand the path to healthy , self-esteem, and tips to feel better. It is a good guide to clarify many doubts, break prejudices and promote positive themes.

Learn about feminism

One of the main reasons why Internet users in choose to watch videos on YouTube is to learn. In addition to having a section available within the platform dedicated to learning, such as , with different options for educational content. On the occasion of March 8, a list of 8 videos is already available in order to understand the basic concepts, nurture more about the knowledge of history and lessons related to this date.

Different voices, opinions and themes are part of International Women's Day, many of them collected in one place. To learn more about feminism, the YouTube creators walk you through the process; Enjoy every video and let's keep moving forward to bridge the gender gap.