This Agency Is Helping Brands Around The World Go Digital

Founders of–Cam Wilkie, Chase Dobbie and Everett Vane–discuss the state of digital marketing in 2021

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It’s no secret that digital marketing has forever changed the way businesses connect with their customers. What’s even more clear is that the pandemic has made digital marketing more than just a consideration, but rather a necessity. As businesses turn to third-party vendors to help shift their strategies and meet the demand, there are a handful of digital marketing agencies that are making a name for themselves globally.

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One such agency is that has established itself as a leader in the digital marketing movement. From startups and new ventures to global companies and publicly-traded enterprises, has grown to work with over 300 clients across North America, Europe and Asia since 2017. The agency's three founders—Cam Wilkie, Chase Dobbie and Everett Vane—join us to discuss the impact of the pandemic, the state of digital marketing in 2021 and more.

How marketing has shifted since the pandemic

With the noticeable lifestyle changes the world has experienced this past year, marketers are following suit to align their strategies with the rise of time spent on digital channels and the lack of in-person opportunities. Everett shared, “After a general unknown across a number of industries, it became clear quickly that companies around the world would be relying on digital marketing more than ever before. Whether managing their business or reaching their customers in an impactful way: the pandemic has accelerated the shift to prioritizing digital in a company’s marketing mix, regardless of industry, scale or target customer." 

The biggest misconceptions about digital marketing

Despite the pandemic accelerating this shift towards digital marketing, some common misconceptions can still hinder those on the fence about increasing investment. Cam addressed objections for the viewpoints that digital marketing is limited to younger consumers, and that only B2C businesses can reap the benefits. “From Gen Z to the Baby Boomers, we’ve reached the stage where nearly every generation is present and receptive to advertising on digital channels. When it comes to ROI on digital, B2B businesses have never had more opportunities to connect with their target customers at a fraction of the costs of more traditional methods.”

For those still hesitant to improve their digital presence

With the above in mind, it’s important for businesses and stakeholders to recognize that digital marketing is here to stay. Chase commented, “Today’s consumers expect and reward companies with strong digital touchpoints. This is a trend that will only grow year over year for the foreseeable future, and one that’s been noticeably amplified by the pandemic. In a time where data, analytics and return on investment are paramount, digital marketing checks all the boxes to get the most out of marketing budgets, track against KPIs and connect with customers in meaningful ways."

New industries making the leap to digital

When it comes to exactly who’s making the leap in 2021, the range of businesses and industries span wider than ever before. Everett highlighted, “One of the clearest shifts we’ve seen so far are non-traditional industries. Take the financial sector for example—whether it’s private equity or publicly traded funds, these companies are always seeking to connect with their clientele in a meaningful way. Where prior to the pandemic, in-person relationships could overshadow digital experiences, interactions are now almost exclusively digital—and beyond that, the tech-forward millennial demographic is now holding the largest buying power in the market."

Why stands out against competitors

As more businesses flock to digital channels and up their stake, has positioned themselves as a trailblazing industry leader. When asked about what makes stand out against competitors, Chase shared, “Our connectedness to the digital channels themselves is a major advantage for us. Everyone at has grown up with the rise of social media and we have a deep, hands-on understanding of what's most important when it comes to leveraging digital to drive results. We’ve positioned ourselves from our inception to cut the fluff that’s far too common in the industry – we work with each client’s distinct goals and create a clear, well-rounded roadmap to get there.”

What’s next for

Naturally, one would be curious what’s next for these agency leaders. Cam noted, “Our clients and their business goals are always our top priority. As we continue to expand our offering globally, we aim to keep exceeding expectations regardless of industry, target market or scale of business. Building with the right team and staying true to our core mission of cutting the fluff and delivering meaningful results is what our business revolves around. We’re all really excited about the opportunities that digital marketing brings to our clients, and to ourselves as entrepreneurs.”