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Using Smells in Your Marketing Can Help You Sell More - Here's How

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Olfactory marketing is one that is based on aromas to generate a response in the customer. It appeals to different senses other than sight, which is why it is widely used in retail or packaging sales.


The most used olfactory marketing techniques are:

  • Everscent: Exhales flower fragrance.
  • Microvarnish: It can be a tape that is applied in fragrance testers.
  • Scratch'N Sniff: For scratching and sniffing, it is used in foder-type brochures.
  • Snap'N Burst: To open and smell, it is used on the covers or inside pages of magazines.

Aromas in action within the psychological field

Make the right combinations for your product or service and use olfactory marketing to your advantage.

Tea tree. Stimulates creativity and confidence.

Geranium. Encourages enthusiasm, concreteness, balance, development of creativity. Feminine.

Myrrh. It favors communication and harmony, in addition to stimulating emotionality. Feminine.

Cinnamon. Stimulates interest in life and interest in making dreams concrete. It brings balance, releases apathy and provides the necessary warmth to take on commitments. Recover the joy and desire to live the future. It is linked to the feminine aspect.

Lavender. Harmonizes and balances emotions, helps spiritual practices, brings peace, harmony, calm, serenity. Linked with the masculine.

Rosemary. Helps to live positively in full communication with oneself and with others. It identifies with the manly.

Cypress. Provides endurance, willpower, creative capacity, desire to live, vigor, the ability to regenerate psychic and physical strength. Male.

Chamomile. Balances, stabilizes and harmonizes the body, mind and emotions. It allows to release tensions and brings calm, inner peace, breadth of consciousness, reasoning power.

Thyme. Provide courage and strength to become aware of your abilities and limitations. Regulates the energy flow.

Orange blossom. It gives joy and stimulates positive energy. In addition, it is a natural tranquilizer, the same as lemon.

How to use scents in your sales strategy

Always use the same scent for a product and another range with the same base for a line of items. For example, if you sell clothes, try to scent it with a subtle but very pleasant smell. Use the same base in other brands of the same line with slight changes and make sure that the store also has the aroma.

Create a scent-related concept. A new line of Sport XYZ clothing, Rebel like you, for example. The adjective coupled with an unconventional scent will create an image that is easy to remember in consumers' memory.

Use original scents. Look for novel and unusual scents. Ask that they be designed for your particular product.

Be consistent. If your product is aimed at a segment of young people, then the aroma should be related to youth; eliminates traditional scents such as tobacco or lavender.