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7 reasons to reach your audience with a podcast

A simple and low-cost way to publicize your business.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

We have already talked about creating content, discussed the advantages of launching your own book to boost your business and we have even recommended good podcasts to listen to in traffic, but what if you made your own?

Podcasts are audio recordings that are shared in multiple installments across the network and to which other users can subscribe to automatically receive new episodes. This allows you to listen to it when and where you want, subscribe to several at the same time or download the audios to listen to them as many times as you want. The technology has been around for almost 30 years, but it became popular thanks to the iPod and iTunes in the middle of the last decade.

2018 was a key year because Spotify included podcasts in its catalog at no additional cost to creators. This allows us to reach its almost 90 million users in a simple way, something that until then was only possible through iTunes. Other platforms such as Google Podcasts or iVoox seek that we have easier access to them.

As a listener since my years in college, but also as a producer of five podcasts, I have seen the evolution of this content. Unlike vlogs, they do not require much production or long editing sessions, the technology for recording, editing and publishing has been simplified to the degree that a person with their smartphone can do all of that without additional equipment.

Why can a podcast help your entrepreneurial project? I set out to find 3 entrepreneurs who have grown their business thanks to the power of the word and these are the advantages they find:

1. Help build your brand

Remember that an entrepreneur must think of himself as a brand: communicate who he is, what he does and the projects in which he participates in search of new professional opportunities. For Eloy López, director of Comprehensive Financial Forecasting and host of Vitalis Podcast , this digital platform has allowed him to make himself known in a different way.

“Through word and voice you can transmit other things that you cannot in other media. You can transmit confidence, conviction and all this can add to the creation of your brand, that your content is more interesting and people want to listen to you more ”.

2. You can create community

Reaching people who share the same interests, who seek information, connect and learn can be a good start to create a community that opens the doors to new projects. Gerardo Rodríguez was already a consolidated sales consultant in Tijuana when he decided to launch the Cállate y Vende podcast without knowing that it would open up professional opportunities in other cities and countries and would even become a prominent speaker in the sector.

“Today you are who Facebook says you are, you are who Google says you are. Quoting Seth Godin: 'Podcast is the new blogging'. If you have ever felt challenged because growing a community on YouTube or Facebook is difficult (that youtubers who started in 2010 had it easy and that in 2019 you have lost and you would have liked to start when it was easy to generate an audience) that is what that today offers the podcast ”.

3. You generate authority in your field

After all, the podcast is a means to communicate a message and professionals in the sector can talk about their area of expertise, the topics they are passionate about or generate relevant information for the sector, positioning themselves as influencers in this area.

When they realized that there were no podcasts in Spanish specialized in digital marketing that served professionals in the sector, Ángel Buendía and Allan Vázquez launched Social FM , becoming one of the best in the business field and the gateway to opportunities. of giving conferences, workshops, courses or advising companies with their online strategies.

“One of the benefits is generating authority. The very idea of the podcast lends itself so that people know you, know what you are doing and take you as someone trustworthy, as a trustworthy professional in your area of expertise ”, says Ángel.

4. You create intimacy with the public

Being able to be heard wherever and whenever you want to listen, without being tied to a schedule to turn on the radio, allows you to be heard anywhere and create a feeling of intimacy and complicity with your listeners that translates into trust and credibility.

For Gerardo, this factor gives him the opportunity to make broadcasts that last 30 or 50 minutes that interest his audience if he focuses on the content. "You are in the most intimate with your audience: you accompany them in traffic, in the gym, while they are doing their chores at home and they are listening to you for a long amount of time, it is not a five-minute YouTube video."

5. You open a new communication channel

When all the brands are already on social networks fighting for the attention of the public and platforms like YouTube have such a number of content creators that it is difficult to stand out, podcasts grow as a viable low-cost option in which the important thing is the message and it is complemented by the other platforms.

"It has given me the power to spread the content to the same audience that already followed me on other networks without stopping their activities to read my blog or watch a video and that they can listen to it wherever they want, whenever they want," remarks Eloy, who has found in podcasting the opportunity to delve into topics that he has covered in his vlog previously.

For Gerardo, the ease of starting it was key. "It is a solid and low-cost option to have a much greater impact than you could have in other platforms where you exist."

6. It can connect you with people who join your project

It is common as the entrepreneurial project matures and consolidates as a company that relationships are created with people who are from the same sector, have more experience or valuable advice for those who are starting. A podcast gives them the opportunity to give them a voice too, share their expertise and network . After all, talking about what we're passionate about is a great way to connect.

For Ángel Buendía, having a space has allowed him to connect and invite other specialists to comment and analyze marketing issues that are rarely touched upon. “The fact that you have a medium that reaches a very specific audience helps you to have guests, to have people who reach more people and it becomes a virtuous circle. You have to have an interesting conversation, play it and make him look like an expert on that topic. "

7. Actively contribute to the digital image and marketing strategy of your business

"The podcast is a medium that can help you a lot to achieve your goals and that has the advantage of being cheap compared to other media and very fun," noted Eloy, who with more than 20 years in the insurance world took advantage of this channel to differentiate yourself from the competition. “It gives your content a diffusion that other media like YouTube do not have where people have to be in front of a computer. Other activities don't interrupt you ”.

Over time, it can not only help you to be found in Google searches, but it can be used in conjunction with other tools such as the website and social networks to make your potential customers reach you more easily. "It is a great tool to increase your digital footprint, to grow your strategy in terms of digital marketing and for you to become a digital entrepreneur," Gerardo added, who has integrated his podcast and vlog to his website.

What technologies can help you publish your first podcast at low cost? I'll tell you more in the next installment.

By the way, if you're wondering what the 5 podcasts I produce are, you can find them on iTunes and Spotify: