Online Learning Startup Zotalabs Raises $125,000 In Seed Round

The company plans to use the seed fund for team development, product growth, and technological enhancements and expand its presence across South-east Asia

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Online education platform Zotalabs on Wednesday announced to have raised $125,000 in its Seed funding round.


Dhianu Das from Alfa Ventures, Bhavesh Jain (CRO, Transa CIBIL), Sandeep Jain, CEO, value unlocked and ex-strategy Head, HT Media, Deepak Goyal (ISS Thailand), Ankur Shrivastava, Gen Real Property, and Vatsal Jain from Paypal also participated in the round. Prashant Narang from Agility Venture Partners served as the round's India Accelerator, while Dhianu Das from Alfa Ventures led the round.

The company plans to use the seed fund for team development, product growth, and technological enhancements. It also aims to expand its presence across South-east Asia and develop deeper insights for learners in the K-12 segment.

"The pandemic's closure of classrooms has led to a rise in online education and virtual classes. This has translated into a demand for edtech startups and online virtual learning companies in India. The last 25 startups in education have raised as much as $795 million in funding, and that's what we were banking on through Zotalabs' Seed round," said Prashant Narang, co-founder, Agility Venture Partners.

The company aims to create a subscription-based platform to provide students access to K-12 education globally from multiple educational institutions.

"I'm keen on Zotalabs, as it serves to democratize the pursuit of knowledge for schoolchildren. Their call to action is simple yet insightful - why don't we have an OTT for education? One that allows us to pay one time and learn for the entire year from different teachers, institutions, schools, or universities," commented Dhianu Das, founder, Alfa Ventures.

During the pandemic, Zotalabs saw an immense opportunity in the evolution of digital classrooms and experiential learning. They helped Amity Future Academy with a technology platform to promote their skill-development courses under the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, the company shared.

"We aim to democratize learning globally. We intend to connect educators and learners through one cohesive platform. In Zotalabs, we bring coaches, trainers, teachers, and students together through a quality, blended learning experience," added Wasim Khan, chief executive officer, Zotalabs.

Their products include Eusembly, edtech platform for all K-12 students globally, and Eumetry, a platform where teachers can upload live and recorded classes.