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Apple Fails to Stop Swatch from Using Popular Steve Jobs Phrase

According to Bloomberg, Swatch may have acted in bad faith, but there is no reason to believe that the phrase is unique to the late Apple founder.

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Steve Jobs was known to say at the end of his Apple presentations the phrase "one more thing" , to indicate that there was a surprise product. That tradition has now continued with his successor, Tim Cook, specifically for the launch of the Apple Watch. So what is the problem?

Apple sought to patent the famous phrase of Jobs. However, it was not successful. According to Bloomberg, a London judge ruled that the tech company cannot keep the phrase to itself, following a lengthy trademark dispute with Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group AG.

Also, Judge Purvis said that Swatch's attempt to register the phrase could have been in bad faith, that is, to annoy Apple. In addition, he indicated that the line likely originated from the fictional detective's television show Columbo.

The origin of the conflict

The conflict between the two companies is not new. In 2015, Apple was prevented from calling its smartwatches iWatch, so it ended up naming them as we now know them Apple Watch. Later, the Swatch brand tried to register a slogan of “Tick Different,” evoking that of Apple's slogan of “Think Different.” So, the fight between the two brands has been going on for several years. However, in all three cases the Swiss watch company has won the battle.

What do you think? Should Apple have won the dispute?