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The Investor Who Missed the Chance to Make Millions With Netflix

Despite this 'mistake,' Carl Icahn does not regret his decision. This is the reason.

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It was October 2013 when famous Wall Street investor began selling his shares in a DVD rental that had recently managed to switch to streaming. Icahn had already made a 457% return on his initial capital injection so he decided to retire. His son Brett begged him not to, but the investor went on to finally sell in 2015, earning $ 2 billion for his shares.

REUTERS | Brendan McDermid

The company that Icahn left? Netflix .

Since then, the price of the entertainment company's stock has increased by almost 10. However, Ichan has no regrets about his decision.

In a recent interview with the US version of Forbes , Icahn indicated that the market was telling him that it was time to "take some chips off the table."

The 85-year-old Icahn illustrates the change on Wall Street, Forbes suggests, as companies with less tangible assets like GameStop and Bitcoin have grown, while old-guard investors like Ichan continue to bet on wealth-rich companies. assets and cash that need restructuring.

As reflected in Nathan Vardi's article , this investor's strategy is not totally wrong. His company Icahn Enterprises owns shares in the CVR Energy refinery and the retailer Pep Boys, which are trading at about $ 60, growing 20% a year.

It also has Occidental investments, bullish shares thanks to the recovery in the price of crude oil to 60 dollars a barrel since last year.

With everything and his "mistake" with Netflix, Carl Icahn's net worth is around $ 15.8 billion. Almost nothing.