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Yahoo Answers Announces Final Closure, and Users Relive It With Questions, Answers and Memes

The forum will disappear after 16 years of answering questions from Internet users, but nostalgia has led to a dignified farewell.

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There was a time when Internet users with doubts of any kind could turn to an almost infallible source in search of answers. That platform was Yahoo Answers , which has just announced its final closure on May 4. After 16 years being a point of reference for the Millennial generation, it was to be expected that they would give him a farewell full of nostalgia and memes.

Yahoo Answers was born in 2005, making it the longest-running question and answer platform on the internet. However, strong, more efficient competitors have emerged over the years, while the ubiquitous trolls have detracted from the platform.


On an FAQ page, Yahoo detailed what the closing process will look like . Everything will begin this April 20 , when it will stop accepting new posts, whether they are questions or answers.

As of May 4, Yahoo Answers will no longer be accessible and will redirect to the Yahoo home page. Users will have until June 30 to download a file with the content they have published on the platform and must request it here .


Why is Yahoo Answers leaving?

The company's decision is the result of a decrease in the flow of users, among other factors.

"While Yahoo Answers was once a key part of Yahoo's products and services, it has become less popular over the years as the needs of our members have changed ," the company said in a message to Yahoo! users.

"To that end, we have decided to withdraw our resources from Yahoo Answers to focus on products that better serve our members and deliver on Yahoo's promise to provide reliable, premium content," they add.

The decline in popularity of Yahoo Answers can be attributed in part to the fact that Google includes its own question and answer section. If you ask a question in the search engine, a widget appears that allows you to get a quick answer without having to go to another website.

Also, in recent years the quality of content on Yahoo Answers has declined, due to posts created by trolls - absurd questions with even more outlandish answers.


The company clarifies that the disappearance of the Answers site does not put any information from Yahoo! users at risk. In other words, no company service will be affected by the disappearance of the web. Yahoo has been part of Verizon Media Group since 2017, when it was acquired for $ 5 billion.


Goodbye, cowboy! Users relive Yahoo Answers to say goodbye

The page will stop accepting new posts as of April 20. That means there are still two weeks left for Internet users to post their questions and answers, and of course they are taking advantage of it!

After the closure announcement, the page has registered a rebound, thanks to the thousands of users who want to dismiss themselves. There are also those who are just joining, just to be part of the history of the platform.

"Are they going to shut down Yahoo Answers?" someone asked, which started a long chain that already exceeds 100 responses.

"How much did you have without using YR before you knew they would shut it down?" questioned another user. Some confessed that they had not entered the page in about a decade, but returned "at least to say goodbye," a comment reads.

Of course, social networks were flooded with memes and captures with the most picturesque posts on the platform. Here are some of them to close the end of an era with a flourish: