Webinar Invite: Joelle Mardinian To Share Her Secrets On Building An Authentic Personal Brand On Against All Odds On April 29, 2021

Joelle Mardinian on building a personal brand that helps her build bridges between her diverse interests, creating a powerful platform that supports them all.

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The strong personal brand of Joelle Mardinian serves as a platform for her varied talents, from being a serial entrepreneur to TV host, brand ambassador, social media influencer, and much more. 


Following our recent interview with Mardinian for Entrepreneur Middle East’s Executive Edition in which she shared the lessons she learned in business, the upcoming Entrepreneur Middle East Live’s Against All Odds session, hosted by Managing Editor Tamara Pupic, will focus on how she built a personal brand that ensures she stays true to who she is as an entrepreneur. 

The upcoming Entrepreneur Middle East Live’s Against All Odds webinar will be held at 1pm (UAE) on Thursday, April 29, 2021. To register and reserve your spot, please click here.

From Beirut to London to Dubai, the inspirational life journey of a Lebanese makeup artist, TV host, entrepreneur, and brand ambassador Joelle Mardinian has resulted in her today running a beauty empire, Joelle Group, which includes Maison de Joelle, Clinica Joelle, Joelle Paris, and EyeCandy. 

Mardinian, a wife and mother of three, is one of the MENA region’s top social influencers, with more than 16 million followers on Instagram, and she's also the host of one of the longest running television makeover programs in the region, Just Joelle, on MBC1. 

To reserve your spot for the upcoming Entrepreneur Middle East Live's Against All Odds webinar with Joelle Mardinian at 1pm (UAE) on Thursday, April 29, 2021, please click here.