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Could Luis Miguel be as successful without Luisito Rey's strategies?

According to the Netflix series, the father and manager of the "Sol de México" used questionable (but effective?) Tactics to publicize his son's talent.

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This Sunday the second season of Luis Miguel, La Serie , the incredibly popular Netflix show that chronicles the life of the Sun of Mexico, premiered.

Netflix vía YouTube

The controversy that the first season left revealed a couple of aspects that were not known about the singer, such as the power relations of his father Luis Rey and the submission of the "disappeared" Marcela, his mother and, of course, domestic violence and the exploitation of a minor for profit.

There is a fine line between discipline and abuse by parents of children and it is common to see stories of celebrities like Michael Jackson famous thanks to his talent and the rigidity of his parents.

The question is: would Luis Miguel and Michael Jackson have been famous without the excessive practices of their parents? Maybe not, maybe yes; however, fame makes violence against minors invisible.

Mara Saeb, psychologist and specialist in human development, explains that in the case of Luis Miguel, he lets us see it is the condition of mistreatment, abuse, submission and control that led to physical violence due to the demands of an adolescent who in many times does not he slept or ate in search of the result: fame.

The central issue, says the specialist, is profit and states that when the father realized his "gold mine" and in addition to seeing himself carried out in his son, psychological, economic and even sexual violence began because the transition from child to child The young man was decided by the father to force him to have sex as long as his voice was immediately defined in order not to lose contracts.

A similar case was that of Joseph Jackson, a representative of artists known for being the father of Michael Jackson, as well as the creator and director of the band composed of some of his children, The Jackson 5.

Known as the "King of Pop", he gave an account of his father's psychological and physical abuse in order to achieve perfection in rehearsals and there was even talk of wanting to castrate him so that his voice would not change.

Saeb says that in Luis Miguel's series the father's performance is demonized, however, he says that it causes admiration from the marketing point of view because it has attracted the attention of new generations and has become an interesting phenomenon to rescue from the singer's career .

He explains that in life there are two poles that make force and shows that deep down it was not bad, however, the discipline and transmission of Luis Rey's values are being demonized, which yes, he says, the forms were not healthy ones for the singer's child development and adolescence.

"It is not necessary to demonize, it had its positive effects and the father exercised a power and an authority that allowed Luis Miguel to develop his talent, but wrong in the ways.", He explains.

Saeb refers to the cultural education of the 70s of the classic: "the letter with blood enters", it was authoritarianism and rigid discipline that had its consequences.

Another type of violence, says the specialist, that when choosing between mom and dad is the strongest violence that can be experienced as a family.

But they are not the only cases, it is our daily bread, says the specialist, because constant and "normal" to see children working on the street, in supermarkets, infants taken as loot to feel sorry and give them money.

He assures that whoever experiences these types of violence in his adult life will be a high percentage replicator of what he lived.