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Disney Might Be Releasing the Most Hyper-Realistic Lightsaber Yet on May 4

Can you imagine celebrating International Star Wars Day next month with the most realistic lightsaber ever created?

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May the 4th be with you!

Lucasfilm vía Walt Disney Studios

Star Wars fans might have another great reason to celebrate on May 4. Rumors from the exclusive event "A Special Look Inside Disney Parks" claim that Disney will launch a new lightsaber with hyper-realistic technology — the closest to those seen in the saga so far.

Josh D'Amaro, president of Disney Parks, ended his presentation by showing a retractable lightsaber that shocked the public and the press, as nothing like it had ever been seen.

The director of experiences and products also said that more surprises would come and that "you never know what will come to us next." He then took out an apparatus, from which an illuminated tubular sheet came out. "It's real," D'Amaro said to the astonishment of onlookers.

The artifact, which almost perfectly recreates one of the most iconic weapons in cinema and pop culture, excited fans, who immediately began to ask for it to be put up for sale.

Unfortunately, attendees were prohibited from taking photos or video, so there are no images of the hyper-realistic saber. But after the presentation, it was revealed that, in 2017, Disney had registered a patent for a "sword device with [a] retractable and internally illuminated blade."  

Recently, virtual reality developer Ben Ridout analyzed the patent on Twitter and explained how the saber would work. He said that the mechanism would be similar to that of a retractable tape measure. The blade of the saber would consist of two spools of translucent material that lay flat when rolled. However, when operated, these strips would project and curve light. 

"The cap at the end of the blade maintains the curved profiles at the top, while a guide on the handle maintains the curved profile as each tape leaves it," he said.

Disney has not confirmed further details about the device, its plans for it or whether it will be for sale to the general public. Some believe it will be added as part of the remote-lightsaber training experience at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney's new luxury-themed hotel expected to open later this year.

The presentation of the saber at such an important event suggests that the project is already at a very advanced stage. Therefore, many anticipate that Disney will surprise fans by launching the long-awaited product on May 4 — the day that is celebrated as International Star Wars Day.

May the force be with us.