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10 cartoons that remind us of our childhood

It is always a good time to remember when we were children. Happy Children's Day!

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As children we learned that the world around us is both diverse and immense. Not only thanks to school, but to all those cartoons that taught us what “adult” life was like, the problems to face or even to feel like all superheroes.


These 10 cartoons that remind us of our childhood , fill us with nostalgia, no matter what our age. For the more experienced in life, you cannot miss The Jetsons (the family of the future), The Flintstones (the one from the past) and of course Don Gato and his gang , who although we long for Hanna-Barbera, have marked a whole generation. They are the classics of the classics, the crème de la créme .

Image: Hanna-Barbera

For those "in the middle" (here no one is old), the animes began to gain strength and fill hearts. For example, Sailor Moon , a group of girls who are the prelude to the image of a powerful and intelligent woman, who does not leave anyone and takes what belongs to her. For men, Dragon Ball Z could not be absent, who value each phase in their life and always fight against evil ( Damn insect! ). And the smallest, but not least, Sakura Card Captor , a girl who had to face the darkness face to face and not let herself be defeated no matter how scared she was.

The most contemporary, ninety to date, the two great Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon , gave great cartoons. Among them, Dexter's Laboratory: a genius boy despite his eccentric family and the evils of his sister Dee-Dee, nothing prevented him from developing and believing in himself. Also, Hey Arnold !, another little one that shows what life is like in his neighborhood, love in childhood and the reality of adults.

Of course, the girls could not miss. The Powerpuff Girls , who based on sugar, flowers and many colors, in addition to substance X, keep the peace in Ciudad Saltadilla. Pure Girl Power !

Lastly, The Rugrats are the youngest, the cartoon babies. They from their two to five years, can communicate with each other and have adventures in diapers.

What is the cartoon that brings you the most memories?