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10 magic words to close sales

An image is worth a thousand words, but some have been shown to generate sales and position brands.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

(If you read this article, you will get a powerful tool for free to sell more and beat your competition. And I guarantee it in writing.)


The above statement is simply not a good entry for an article. It is, in this case, an absolutely true statement. What surely caught your attention was the way to promise what we are going to give you in this text: a series of tips and recommendations so that you can use the language more effectively when launching your marketing messages. And it is that the words used make the difference between a page that hooks you, and one that you simply go through until you find something more interesting.

It is a fact that we live in a predominantly visual society. Cinema, television and the internet are constant windows towards a world that calls us to look. Phrases such as "seeing is believing", "from sight love is born" or "he who does not teach does not sell" seem to confirm this idea. However, reality is not always as clichés dictate.

We are what we say and we react based on what we hear and read . As politicians and broadcasters know, words have the power to seduce, induce, persuade, excite and motivate. This is why slogans are used to emphasize a brand. It is not the same to simply say "Bic Feathers" to "Bic does not know how to fail". Telmex tells its clients "Talk to him" and Gansito Marinela says "Remember me."

Abra Cadabra

As children know, there is a magic word for everything. In your case, these would be "please" and "thank you." But there are also words in marketing that, while not magic, have shown enormous power to open up consumer perceptions and generate greater impact. No matter how much they are used, they are still portentous. These are some of the most important:

Free: Although we well know that there is nothing free in life, this word never loses its force. Many marketers consider it the most powerful to sell. The problem is that many times what is advertised as free is not free at all, and this generates annoyance. If you're going to say something is free, stick with it.

Easy: Easy is simple, without complications, without wear, without problems. We all seek to make life easier and with fewer obstacles.

A wool: This typically Mexican expression reaches us deeply. "A wool" is more fun than "a money", since "money" is a complicated word, since it is mentally associated with "work", "effort", "payments". Also, "money" is something we don't always have. On the other hand, nobody does not like "a wool".

Auction: It is stronger than "discount" or "discount", and is more dramatic. Another similar word that has hardly been used but can be very shocking is "bargain."

Guaranteed: It's like you underline your promise; it is an emphasis of seriousness and a hallmark of trust. What is guaranteed "works because it works."

Immediately: This expression is better than "instantly", which has been used a lot lately. And it is that "instantly" sounds like something magical, as if it were to pull a rabbit out of a hat out of nowhere. On the other hand, the expression "immediately" is more reliable and generates a link with the action we are looking for from the consumer . When the person makes a call or visits a dealer or makes a purchase, they "immediately" receive the benefit.

Better: We all want to get better at something. We seek a better income, better health, a better home, a better life. That is why this word is so effective. It gets to the bottom of many of our deepest needs.

New: Hope for the new is a universal quality of the human being. Across the centuries and continents, we have always believed that tomorrow will be better. We long for a new day, a new year, a new beginning. Curiously, yellow is the color that our eyes capture the fastest, perhaps because it is the color of the sun that announces new things to us every day.

Powerful: Power is something we all seek. Power to influence our world, to dominate nature, to overcome environmental threats. Something powerful is like an amulet that transmits its strength to our person, be it swords, rings, crowns or detergents.

You: In advertising you have to talk to someone. And as radio announcers well know when they address their listeners, they do not say "all of you", but "you, who are listening to us from your car". The more personalized your intention, the more impact you will generate. If you also use the name of your interlocutor, even better. That is why in sales it is good to use our client's name frequently, since it strengthens the bond and trust between whoever sells and whoever buys.

Verb kills face?

Words by themselves do not guarantee anything. Marketing does not use formulas or recipes. And it is not about manipulating or subliminally influencing consumer behavior. These words are only tools that facilitate the dissemination of advertising and promotional messages. Its effectiveness has been proven in various scientific studies of psychology and linguistics, but it always depends on the rest of the campaign: the clarity of the messages, the identification of the benefits, the creative execution, the graphic proposal and the media plan. are elements that affect the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

On the other hand, if the product or service is not good, or does not correspond to reality, the result will always be negative. It is not simply a question of promising a "better" product with "new" and "powerful" attributes that will make "your life" "immediately" easier. Promises must be backed up with facts, infrastructure, and quality. By law and by ethics.

More super words

Secret, Now, Today, Proven, Winner, Results, Facts, Gift / Giveaway, Fun, Awesome, Powerful, Successful, Craving, Make, More, Save, Discover, Amazing, Look, Find, Harvest, Different, Completely, Easy, Simplified, Approved, Delivered, Authentic, Legitimate, Latest, Lifetime, Unconditional, True, Chile, On time, Surge, Suddenly, High, Not anymore, Not anymore, Urgent, Confidential, Sex, Beautiful, Directly, Redeemable, Challenge, Usefulness, Informative, Revealing, Miracle, Protection, Receive, Achieve, Compare, Enjoy, Imagine, Reach, Benefit, Strong, Fast, Safety, Plus, Incomparable, Maximum, Yes, Here, Why?

Words to avoid

Characteristics, Paradigm, Restrictions, Does not apply, Except, Basically, Presentation, Senses, Trip, Experience, Consequence, Lady, Gentleman, Operation, Functioning, Allow me, Portion, Reality, You, Customer, Consumer, Commercial, Content, Quality, Cost , We Try, We Try, We Are Interested, Very Important, However, Expectations, Strategic, Lucky, Maybe, Buy, Optimal, Friend, Unique, Traditional, No.