4 Everyday Apps On Your Phone That Can Do Much Good

Nithin Kamath, Zerodha CEO shares his favourite apps that keep him productive and inspired

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With a multitude of apps on and off your phone, there sure are some that can be beneficial to keep in the longer run. Zerodha CEO, Nithin Kamath, has his own favourites that keep him productive and inspired, and here are 4 apps he vouches for!

Nithin Kamath


Audible is a blessing in disguise for readers who don't find the time to read anymore as well as for non-readers who can't get themselves to pick up a book. "I had lost my reading habit until I discovered Audible. I realized that I enjoy listening to audiobooks more than reading physical books and I now regularly listen to audiobooks on Audible", Nithin revealed.


Another bane of the busy life is not being able to keep up with news and developments in thebusiness, entertainment or whichever sphere you are interested in. Nithin admits, "With so much news, it's hard to browse multiple sites so I use Pulse which aggregates all the best finance news in one place." The Pulse News app is a great addition to have for your daily tab of relevant news.


Nithin also uses Spotify for listening to music and podcasts. In the millennial generation, almost everyone can claim to have used Spotify at least at some point of time. What folks are missing out on are some amazing podcasts in addition to the music we are all very familiar with. Podcasts from different genres can be very refreshing, and, in fact, even addictive if you're lucky to find a great one.

Guitar Tabs

For music lovers, there are actually a multitude of apps available for free on the Play Store. Nithin says, "I love strumming and Guitar Tabs makes is a really handy app that helps me play songs quickly." If you're struggling to pick up your old instrument because you're out of practise, Guitar Tabs can be a quick and easy guide to get back to your six strings!