5 Tips To Reduce COVID Anxiety

Some basic tips that can help you remain sane amid the COVID-19 chaos without pressing the panic button every now and then

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caught us by surprise, even the second wave of the virus wherein both medical and community-based infrastructure haven't been able to cope with the pressures of the times.

These pressures are not limited to the system but have well-encroached on all our lives in the form of stress, anxiety and a general worry regarding the uncertainty of the situation. Here are five basic tips that can help you remain sane amid the COVID-19 chaos without pressing the panic button every now and then.

Prepare your body

Your body and immunity in general have a major role to play in how you're going to fare in this pandemic and how you are going to feel about it in turn. Unhealthy habits and behavior in isolation only tend to add to it.

Instead of fretting too much about what you would do if you were to catch the virus, focus on preparing your body to be in the best and healthy shape even if you were to. This includes a healthy diet, a daily share of exercise, plenty of water, and a regular intake of vitamin C.

Stay well-connected with family and dependents

Another major concern of worry often stems from not knowing how your old parents or children are doing if they are staying away. The only end to the speculation can be if you stay connected with your family at all times.

Help them set up a healthy eating routine, and minor workout routine that is suitable for them, so you can rest assured that you're doing the best you can in preparing them to be healthy in this pandemic.

Take care of aspects that you can control

While there is so much in this lockdown period that goes beyond your control, there still is a lot that is within your control and can improve the home situation directly.

Keep your pantry well-stocked and ensure everyone is feeling positive about getting through this. Celebrate festivals, birthdays, and other achievements at home to keep morale high. Do what is in control and the rest will unravel with time.

Keep yourself busy

This is an important one! One of the main reasons for too much worry and unnecessary pondering about COVID all day is having nothing else to do. While some of us are still working from home, most of us still have a lot more time on our hands than we did before the lockdowns began.

Pick up that old hobby that you left out, or find a new one. Do something, and do something you like to keep yourself inspired at home. Sitting idle can very easily put you in a morbid hole with the terrible news surrounding us this year. Balance things out by spending time constructively.

Sleep well

Lastly, it is no surprise that our sleep routines have gone for a complete toss for over a year now. Some of us are sleeping through the day while others are not getting any sleep at all.

If there's one thing you can fix this pandemic, make it your sleep schedule. Sleep well, but not overly, so that you can feel rested yet fresh during the rest of the day. While sleep plays an important role in boosting your immunity, it also does well to keep your COVID anxiety under wraps.

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