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Happy Burger Day! These restaurants will have promotions to celebrate

This May 28, International Hamburger Day is celebrated and several fast food restaurants celebrate it with finger licking promotions.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition.
This story originally appeared on Alto Nivel

May 28 has become a very important date for fast food lovers, as International Hamburger Day is celebrated. It is a way of paying tribute to what is possibly the most famous food in the world.

Jonathan Borba vía Unsplash.com

Why is Burger Day celebrated?

It is an initiative to celebrate this highly popular food and the favorite of many in the world. May 28 was chosen because, it is said, on a day like this, but in the year 1900, a German immigrant living in the United States, named Louis Lassen, prepared for the first time this dish as it is known today: a combination of bread, meat, tomato, cheese and lettuce.

The hamburger arrived in Mexico in the 1930s, when international restaurants began to include it on their menu. Much later, in 1985, the famous fast food chain, McDonald's arrived in Mexican territory and the consumption of these became massively popular.

Fun fact: Did you know that the most expensive hamburger in the world was made by Dutch chef Diego Buik? The sandwich was valued at 2,300 euros (about 55,800 Mexican pesos). It was made with Japanese Wagyu beef, Hebit Dutch Coastal gin-infused Oosterschelde lobster, Remeker cheese, and white truffles.

Don't miss out on these promotions for Hamburger Day

Burgers at a weight? Yes, Carls Jr. will celebrate this day with the Hamburger Day promotion. It should be mentioned that it only applies to the Famous Star with cheese, in addition to that you must purchase any combo to consume at the branch, Drive Thru or to take away, this promo does not apply with children's combos.

Other restaurants and fast food chains that will have promotions to celebrate Big Burger Day are: Cowbell, JJ Burgers, Claroscuro Gastropub, Margarita, Burger King, Shake Shack, Applebee's, Mr. Blancos, Chili's, among many more.