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A Gmail and Facebook account is more valuable to a criminal than a credit card on the 'dark web'

A price list released by Privacy Affairs revealed this information.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Certainly losing a credit card is an uncomfortable and dangerous situation. However, for criminals on the "dark web" a Gmail or Facebook account is more valuable.


According to a price list published by Privacy Affairs , credit cards cost between $ 20 and $ 65, while Gmail and Facebook accounts are $ 80 and $ 65 respectively.

A cloned Mastercard and VISA card with its PIN code cost $ 25 each. American and British cards with CVV code cost $ 17 and $ 20 respectively. Within this category, the most expensive are the Israeli one that costs 65 dollars and the Japanese one that costs 40 dollars.

Also, the list includes financial services accounts such as PayPal, cryptocurrencies, social networks, hacked services, documents, data, and malware.

According to the website, 2020 was one of the worst years for many corporations, including credit card companies, NASA, McDonald's and others.