Here're Some Reasons To Ditch WhatsApp and Move Your Communications Elsewhere

Some security lapses and information retrieval from the privacy of WhatsApp chats recentlybecame the big concern that has forced users to consider the shift. Know where and how to shift your data

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WhatsApp has become the easiest and handiest messaging app in recent times. Irrespective of

country and availability barriers, you can always drop a quick text, with an attachment, picture,

or anything that you like. Additional features like video-calling, status updates, voice calling,

chatting with friends have locked everyone in a comfort zone. And no one wanted to leave the

comfort of WhatsApp, well, at least up until it updated its privacy policy.


Some security lapses and information retrieval from the privacy of WhatsApp chats recently

became the big concern that has forced users to consider the shift. Regardless of how true or

not this news is at the ground level, here are some valid reasons for why you should make the shift anyway:

Key Reasons to Ditch WhatsApp

The Leak of Metadata:

WhatsApp stores conversations in wide data centers in the form of Metadata. Through

Metadata, some confidential data like chat conversation, place, and time might be leaked. While

this might not happen in the obvious ways or even at the levels that recent news suspects, it’s

still a rising concern.

Sign Up the Legal Contract:

When you download WhatsApp and sign in, WhatsApp asks you to agree on some legal terms.

While most of us are oblivious to what these terms actually are, with recent updates in the

privacy policy, you really don’t know what you’re signing off with the agreement.

Even if you don’t make a complete shift right away, it is smart to be on the lookout for options

and keep all confidential communication off the platform.

How to Delete your WhatsApp account without losing all data?

If you have important stored communications that you don’t want to lose, simply export your

data before you delete your account.

Steps to Export Chat:

1. Open WhatsApp, tap on the vertical three dots present at the top right.

2. Click on Settings, a list will appear with multiple options.

3. Tap on the Chat option. Under that, you will find “Chat History”.

4. Click on “Chat History”, and tap on the “Export Chat” option.

Where to Shift?

Once you’ve exported important files and delete your account, where do you head next? Here

are some promising and easy to use options for now:

Switch to Telegram

It’s better to use telegram as a communication channel. You can download the Telegram app

from the Apple Store or Play Store, and start using it. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram even gives

the flexibility to add a thousand participants to a group. You can chat, share loads files, and call

over Telegram.

Try Signal

Signal is an alternative app to shift your communications to. It is secure with lesser privacy concerns. You can create new groups, set profiles, and chat with friends and family using Signal. You can also easily find your WhatsApp friends over at Signal.

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