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Florida woman discovers $ 1 billion in bank account

The woman says she was horrified to see so much money that did not belong to her when she went to the bank.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

On June 19, a Florida woman named Julia Yonkowski went to her local bank to withdraw $ 20 from an ATM and was in for a huge surprise. His account, overnight, had $ 999,985,855.84. I mean, for a moment she was a billionaire.


According to People magazine, the Florida woman went to her Chase Bank branch to withdraw $ 20. The teller sent him a message denying him the operation and that he would be charged an overdraft. When checking the balance, Julia saw that she had almost a billion dollars.

Yonkowski told local media that, unlike other excited people, she was horrified to see the $ 1 billion in her account "because it wasn't her money."

"I have read about people who use the money and then have to replace it," he said in an interview with the local news channel. "I would never do that because it is not my money."

A representative for the bank cleared up the confusion by explaining that the balance was actually negative and that Yonkowski had not overdrawn.

The figure is actually an indicator of a fraud prevention method and appears if a person's account has been blocked due to suspicious activity. the spokesperson noted that Julia's account was jointly owned with her late husband and proper documentation was required to release it for use by a single individual.