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Why use rules of etiquette all the time and anywhere

If you take care of how you speak and how you behave with your partners and colleagues, you will be able to carry out your work more competently

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

There is no doubt that business etiquette or business etiquette has complicated elements and therefore, we must know how, where and when we conduct ourselves in a certain way.

A few days ago I was in the business center of a well-known hotel in Mexico City, when a person came to use one of the computers available to visitors, it was quite uncomfortable and inappropriate to try to work with the James Blunt song You are beautiful at the greater volume capacity that my roommate's computer had, which although it was not excessively loud, it was enough to lose concentration and work more slowly.

Minutes later, that person began to watch some funny videos, whose laughter caused me, with extreme discretion, to excuse me to leave. Luckily when I returned, the person was no longer there. And it was when doing an introspection, I decided to write a little about some questions that, in addition to being basic, are essential to be able to have a cordial and warm work environment.


A business center is often the place where the business activity of one or more people takes place and where they spend their time carrying out some of their scheduled activities, it is not the place to try to interact with someone who is obviously working. .

Well said the prominent economist Thomas Sowell author of the book Basic Economics , that "the first lesson in economics is scarcity", if you asked me what are the business etiquette, I would say that one of the first is consideration. Some important aspects to consider are:

1. Consideration is a must

Everything is based on having a certain appreciation and attention for what the other person is doing. Consideration leads us to create more empathy with people and, therefore, our environment becomes therefore more friendly and enjoyable.

2. Technology does not exclude education or at least it should not exclude it

If it is true that playing music or videos at a certain volume in a work area is unpleasant, it is also unpleasant for you to wear headphones all the time and ignore the fact that you live in a society in which you should integrate and participate. Interaction with your co-workers is important and I would say priority, do not forget that at certain times, they will be the only ones who can get you out of unforeseen events and, if you do not include them in your day to day, I do not know why they would have to support you in hard momment.

3. The importance of punctuality in your appointments and deliveries

Have you worked with someone who is late for their appointments and does not tell you? Have you been given a project three weeks later to approve and that causes you even more delays? Could you work with someone who you already paid in advance and It leaves you waiting without giving you a deadline? What about disorganized people who have unforeseen events and you end up with big setbacks because of them? If your answer is yes, you will know that they are people who are hired once and that situation is not repeated.

Any setback, unforeseen, or sudden unexpected event, should and should be notified so as not to fall pigeonholed into informality and lack of professionalism. By the way, it is terrible to work with someone fickle, unstable and emotional; here must enter the premise that business comes first.

4. Your business vocabulary projects your crib

While I was printing information to study, I heard how two people from the restaurant industry with branches in Monterrey and Guadalajara spoke of the "wey" who was on his way to the hotel for the company signature and the "bato" that made the investment and until here I will get because the "cool" of the talk left me astonished and not by listening to a conversation like this inside the business room, but because I, in particular, lost all credibility in them because of their way of expressing themselves.

Perhaps if they had the opportunity to record themselves, and then listen to each other, they would realize the huge mistake they are making by not curbing their exuberantly informal lexicon.

5. The cell phone ringtone

It was clear to me at that time, you can see yourself as an entrepreneur, young and resourceful, but definitely if the management of your person, your vocabulary, your presence and everything else that you project does not go according to one of the most recent and expensive models of your mobile, it is difficult for you to get the position you aspire to. Please! The tones of adolescents or children should be used by adolescents or children, but not by a serious and professional person who is trying to close a business and who, apparently his vision, wants to expand and the only thing that happens is a setback in his behaviors.

6. The common areas in stationery, warehouse and dining room

If you take something from the stationery area, it will not cost you to leave things as you found them, so you will save time not only you, but also your colleagues, the same happens in the warehouse. Speaking specifically of the dining room, if you see an apple on the table and you did not take it, you do not have the right to take it, since someone else took the trouble to bring it to the table, if you open the refrigerator and find a tasty cake, no Cut it out since you haven't been invited and show your education because you can cause misunderstanding and friction that lead to something bigger.

As you may have read, these are not complicated aspects of etiquette, but rather common sense and, more than anything, of consideration for your work team or for the people with whom you share a specific area to work. If you take care of these points you will be able to carry out your work competently and with quality.