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Do you want to invest in startups? Do not miss the talk of the Argentine entrepreneur behind the new unicorn

Silvina Moschini and Diego Laje, former CNN bureau chief, will host the free webinar in Spanish "The Future of Investing: How to Invest in Pre-IPO Startups."

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On May 10, Unicorn Hunters , a series that will democratize access to capital and investments, was released worldwide on May 10 , produced by reality show icon Craig Plestis of Smart Dog Medi a , producer of formats such as Minute to win it. ) in United States.

Cortesía Unicorn Hunters
Silvina Moschini, fundadora y presidente de TransparentBusiness

Unicorn Hunters wants to be more than just entertainment. The television show features a "Money Circle" panel that includes Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder), Silvina Moschini , founder and president of TransparentBusiness , Rosa Rios (former US Treasurer) and Moe Vela (former CEO of Joe Biden's administration).

Image: Courtesy Unicorn Hunters

Silvina Moschini and Diego Laje, former CNN bureau chief, host of "The Dragon Economy", the segment of economic analysis from China on the network, and economic correspondent for CNN Hong Kong, Al Jazeera, China Central Television and Washington Post will offer the free webinar in Spanish " The Future of Investments: How to Invest in Pre-IPO Startups" .

In this seminar   We will explore the evolution of investment options in the wake of innovation and cover important topics including:

  • The risks and opportunities of investing in companies before they go public
  • The regulations that make it possible for investors around the world
  • The keys to investing in high potential Pre-IPO companies
  • Case Studies: Examples of Extraordinary Returns

The appointment is this Tuesday, June 29 at 11 am (EST).

Find more information on the event page.