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Netflix Sitcoms You Can't Miss This Weekend

Laugh short and learn about team management and resilience with our comedy recommendations for this purpose.

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What are your plans for these rest days? Maybe you want to learn something new, do crafts, play online, read, come up with your next business idea or just do nothing and everything is valid.

For this reason and because you probably already did your Instagram survey To find out whether to watch Friends or not and your friends wrote to tell you that you better watch How I Meet Your Mother, I am going to recommend four Netflix comedy series with interesting messages about team management, leadership, resilience and tolerance.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine vía Facebook

Brooklyn nine-nine

A group of detectives with very different personalities fight Brooklyn criminals every day, and their customs at the police station must adapt to the rules of the new captain. In it you will learn about teamwork, healthy competition, discipline and flexibility that are needed to lead such a diverse team.

One Day at a Time

This series deals with the daily life of a family of Cuban-American origin, whose members each fight for their ideals, for which they are confronted on multiple occasions. However, they always find a middle ground to continue to support and learn.

From this family you can learn about tolerance towards others and acceptance especially in these times where you are surely living much more with the people in your home.

The Good Place

Are humans good or bad? This series proposes the existence of an afterlife that can be a “good place” or a “bad place”. The protagonists must deal with a fantasy reality that leads them to embark on an ethical adventure to answer the question posed.

This audiovisual material will make it clear to us that there are bad things that seem good and vice versa or that perhaps no one is bad at all. In addition, it will show that teamwork is very necessary to save the planet, even if you must ally with your worst enemy.

Grace & Frankie

Adversity never seems that good until it leads you to something better. Grace & Frankie's divorce from their respective husbands makes them become best friends and even partners. The adventures of these two ladies over 70 take them to Shark Tank but first they will have to go through many ups and downs.

This series talks about resilience, business mistakes and getting out of a crisis no matter how old you are.