This Startup Wants to Change the Traditional Broadband Model

FreeMii with its membership-based format is not just as a cost-saving idea but a community of users engaging in a new experience with regard to online interaction

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There is no doubt that 2020 was a watershed year in many areas of industry and commerce. The enforced changes in working practices that came about via the COVID-19 pandemic have left enduring questions about how effective our traditional methods of doing business are.

Sachil Sachdeva

With remote working becoming part of the ‘new normal’ and technology being at the center of the solutions, it is no surprise that there has been a rise in startups offering innovative technological solutions to what were suddenly everyday problems.

One factor that struck entrepreneur David Barkley became clear before the pandemic hit: like many people, he realized he was overpaying for his mobile broadband package. What he was paying for exceeded his usage. His response? To look for ways to provide a deal that was membership-based, offering unlimited data, and aimed at families.

However, the take up was poor, down in part to the affordable services being slow and patchy. So Barkley put the project to one side. Until the pandemic made its entrance on the world stage.

The Seeds of FreeMii

The seeds of what would become FreeMii suddenly became more important with enforced homeschooling. At this point, Barkley realized his shelved idea could become the way forward if he could find a way to make it work. The answer, interestingly, lay in engaging children with something they were familiar with—the hand-held device with a touch screen.

Now, this may sound obvious, but the real innovation involved in FreeMii—which is now in its startup stage—lies in the way the scheme is positioned. What Barkley and his team foresaw was that the school year would not be beginning as usual.

The pandemic precluded the mass of children across the ages traveling to and forth, potentially carrying the virus. He also foresaw a surge in demand for the sort of hand-held devices he needed to make FreeMii work, so set about securing a bulk purchase of affordable 21.5-inch touch screen devices.

This is how entrepreneurial minds work: they envisage a problem, find the solution, and act on it. Soon, Barkley was working with an organization called Bright Futures Learning Centers who gave the devices to families focusing on homeschooling the younger age groups.

While other districts were late to the game, Barkley had taken a step in advance. Soon, Bright Futures had kids on a daily routine of 3 hours of online learning—a massive achievement. So how does this tie in with the foundation of FreeMii?

The FreeMii Ethos

Barkley was frustrated by a number of factors including the cost of mobile broadband and the services provided. He saw FreeMii—with its membership-based format—not just as a cost-saving idea (although having linked with major providers on a business package the deal does save a lot of money over a year) but as a community of users engaging in a new experience with regard to online interaction.

FreeMii eliminates monthly bills—instead, there is a one-off yearly membership that guarantees unlimited data, voice, and messaging include—and is largely aimed at the millennial and Generation Z demographic.

These are groups that look for independence and are rapidly becoming wary of the standard options available in a changing world. Barkley says he wants FreeMii to ‘improve the human experience’ online. His aims are admirable and come at a time when the new administration under President Biden is committed to improving broadband access across the US.

New members can get a free sim kit and a $100 discount during their 30 day trial before deciding to upgrade. The company hopes to provide a

With members being able to use compatible devices they already own with FreeMii this cleverly positioned product will appeal to younger people who enjoy the idea of becoming part of a growing community, and who are perhaps looking for a fresh take on online interaction.

The Future of FreeMii

But isn’t FreeMii just a broadband provider, one with an annual fee? It’s more than that, and that’s why innovators such as Barkley are important in the current climate.

Having endured months of restrictions, products such as FreeMii have a place in a world where people will be excited by their renewed freedom and seeking independence, and along with cheaper broadband deals and not having to worry about monthly bills, that is where the real innovation behind FreeMii lies.

Sahil Sachdeva

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