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Woman receives 150 packages from Amazon that she did not order and decides to give them to hospitals

The entrepreneur created kits for the patients of a children's hospital.

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Jillian Cannan, a New York woman, has had a month full of surprises. During the pandemic, people have increased their virtual purchases and have been constantly receiving packages. But for this woman it reached a new level when she received 150 packages that she had not ordered .


According to CNN reports, Cannan began receiving packages on June 5. She hadn't ordered them, but at first she thought they had to do with her business and that her partner had ordered them. They both have a creative studio and he thought that maybe it was a pending shipment, but when he opened it he realized that it had been a mistake. He checked the box and, although the destination address was his home, they did not have his name.

The first package was full of mask holders. Jillian checked the shipment and saw that they did not have her name. He contacted Amazon to report the bug and was told he could keep the product and asked to write a report on what happened. He did what was required, but dozens of packages kept arriving.

After several more deliveries, the company was able to find out who they were originally for, but they all agreed with Jillian that whatever they had left over would be donated to hospitals.

The entrepreneur also created mask kits for patients at a children's hospital and Amazon agreed to donate the materials it needed to complete them.