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This is why Warren Buffett will not leave his entire fortune to his children.

The investor announced since 2006 that he will give away all his wealth when the time comes.

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It is well known that the fortune of Warren Buffett , one of the most recognized American investors, is valued at 100 billion dollars thanks to his company Berkshire Hathaway and his shares. However, this amount will not be passed on to your children when you pass away.


Your goal of giving away all your money is slowly coming true. According to the Grow portal, in a meeting between shareholders on the occasion of the annual donation of 4.1 billion dollars to five charities, the nonagenarian investor made comments in a letter published on the company's blog about "super millionaire families ". Buffett said that dynastic wealth accumulation "remains an option" in the United States, but "the norm is lower than in most countries, and its appeal is likely to diminish."

"After much observation of super-rich families, here is my recommendation: leave the children enough so that they can do anything, but not enough that they can do nothing," recommended the so-called "Oracle of Omaha."

In the same way, he mentioned that he is "delighted" that his three children , over 60, accompany him in his decisions and "carry out philanthropic efforts that involve money and time."