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How many employees does Nintendo have around the world?

The company shared its Corporate Social Responsibility report where it talks about its social work and the number of employees it has.

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Nintendo is a company that is mainly dedicated to creating video games, but it is friendly to the environment, so they recently decided to share their Corporate Social Responsibility report where they talk about their objectives, global operations and offers several details of the 2020 company .


Among those details, according to data reported by Level Up , we can find that Nintendo has 2,498 employees; on Nintendo of America it has 1, 256; in Nintendo of Europe GmBH there are 901; and Nintendo Australia has only 91 who are mostly women. All these numbers give a total of 6,574 employees around the world.

Men represent 254.3% of the 400% of the work team. In addition, Nintendo has 26 consolidated subsidiaries. The report presumes that this year, 2021, will be full of initiatives that make a difference by responding to society's expectations and making more people smile.

The company identified three priority areas to give smiles, actively engaging with its consumers, production chain and employees. With the main objective of caring for future generations with high quality products, optimizing the work environment with responsible mining, and accepting diversity by offering equal job opportunities.