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Requirements and dates to process the new compulsory motorcycle license in CDMX

Semovi announced that motorcyclists from the capital will need a special license as of July 31.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The Ministry of Mobility (Semovi) of Mexico City, reported that as of July 31, motorcyclists must process a special compulsory license.


Valentina Delgado , director of Road Safety and Information Monitoring, mentioned that the process is necessary because the number of motorcyclists increased by 800% in the last five years and grew even more during the pandemic. In the last quarterly report of Mexico City Traffic Facts , 2,019 accidents involving motorcyclists were reported in March 2021. The number of motorcyclists who do not survive accidents has increased significantly in recent years, becoming the road group with the most Dead people.

How to process a motorcycle license in Mexico City?

There will be two types of licenses :

  • A1: It will work only to handle motorcycles and will cost 450 pesos

  • A2: It will work for those who drive motorcycles and private cars, it will cost 900 pesos

As for the normal license, obtaining it will require the person to accredit a theoretical and practical course. In addition to that, Semovi has not published information on how the procedure will be carried out. Those who already have the permanent type A license for cars and motorcycles will be able to continue using it and those who have the three-year license (A or B) will be able to use it until it expires.

Valentina Delgado also mentions that the purpose of the license is to be able to locate the population of motorcyclists and instruct drivers on the proper way to handle motorcycles to avoid accidents.