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How to know if someone unknown has 'hung' on your WiFi

This may be one of the reasons why your network connection is very slow.

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Working or studying from home is becoming more and more common. We have realized that many times we tend to despair because our internet connection slows down and we do not know the cause , so we cannot do our virtual tasks at ease, or even enjoy the audiovisual content that some platforms offer us.

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There are several reasons that make us suffer , it may be that the quality of the service is bad or that there are many strangers hanging from your WiFi. We teach you how to solve the second option because it is the most common and the one that bothers us the most.

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How to know if someone hung on my WiFi

To detect unknown neighbors connected to your internet you must:

  1. R eview the modem configuration page. To enter your profile, you need to know the username and password that the internet company sold you when you hired them.
  2. Once inside, make sure you are connected to your network and then look for the IP option of the modem and the address that is on the back of the router .
  3. When you write it down in the search engine, the page should redirect you to a page so that you can log in .
  4. You will find a list of the devices connected to your WiFi network.
  5. If you detect an unknown person, you must change the password and re-enter it in all your devices to enjoy doing your work, watching your favorite game, movie or series.

So no one can "hang" on your internet.