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Coparmex and Fundación Televisa join forces to support entrepreneurship in Mexico

The organizations signed an agreement to carry out promotion and training actions through POSiBLE.

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To jointly contribute to creating and implementing mechanisms, programs and activities that allow promoting, facilitating and developing high-impact entrepreneurship in Mexico, COPARMEX Ciudad de México and Fundación Televisa , signed an agreement to carry out promotion and training actions to through POSiBLE .


POSiBLE is a program of Fundación Televisa, totally free, that supports people with a business idea so that they can build from scratch or grow scalable, sustainable companies, based on innovation and that generate a benefit to society.

The agreement aims to strengthen the capacities of innovation, business management and financing among those who start or are developing an enterprise. The commitment of both organizations includes effective linking to promote the growth of the companies that result from such collaboration.

As part of this union, the organizations have jointly released the POSiBLE 2021 call, which offers the opportunity to obtain a place in the National Camp of the program: five days of intensive training, personalized mentoring, exclusive conferences and outreach with potential investors for those who are selected.

For its part, the Business Center will identify, select, accompany and link the best projects of the POSiBLE program that are likely to receive risk capital through its Angel Investors program, without this implying an obligation to invest on the part of the same.

POSiBLE, will also be in charge of identifying and managing useful and relevant information for the identification of companies and communication between them so that the Business Center and its more than a thousand partners registered in the capital of the country, observe and analyze the projects to choose the more viable, always taking care of the confidentiality of both parties and the intellectual and commercial property of the entrepreneurs.