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Matters of Time

Technology's future, time with the family and time management

This story appears in the March 2001 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

is changing fast-we all know that. But wouldn't you like to be a step ahead in guessing where it'll go next? And success, while seemingly easier than ever to achieve, in other ways can seem more elusive. Meanwhile, we all certainly have less to learn the technology and enjoy the success-whatever that means today. If you can relate to those feelings, you'll be able to relate to these three books.

  • The Unfinished Revolution (HarperCollins)
    Five key technologies are coming that will make using a computer effortless and will have powerful effects on society and business, says Michael Dertouzos, director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lab for Computer Science in Cambridge. The five are: 1) computers that can talk to and understand us, 2) computers that can do things for us, such as make travel arrangements, 3) information tools that get us all-and only-the information we want, 4) machines that help us work with other people and 5) computers that adapt to our ways of work rather than vice versa.

These technologies are in various stages of becoming reality, Dertouzos says, pointing to recent development projects at and elsewhere. Most appealingly, he outlines benefits we can expect from human-centric computing, like 300 percent improvements in white-collar work. Wild? Maybe, but it sounds like a revolution worth fighting for-and finishing.

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