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VIDEO: Did all the workers at a McDonald's quit in the middle of the day?

As one TikTok user shows, a McDonald's in California was forced to close when all of its employees left their jobs at the same time.

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A video showing how a McDonald's restaurant in California was forced to shut down when all of its employees quit their jobs at the same time went viral earlier in the week.


One of the former workers, Zoey Bernal, posted a video on TikTok telling how she and all of her peers quit at the same time. Starts with a napkin that reads, "We all quit, it's closed" and shows clips of the empty restaurant. The video already has more than 14 million views and many comments in which Internet users speculate the reason for the resignation. Many believe it is in protest of an unfair salary, but Zoey clarified that it was not.

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Well that happened today and it was so funny

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“It was run by teenagers and it was a horrible workplace,” he says, adding that his superiors never helped when employees needed them.

In the original video there are very varied comments from those who supported the decision of the workers, to those who criticize their lack of commitment.

A McDonald's spokesperson spoke to Newsweek magazine and said the video did not accurately represent what had happened at that location. According to what he says, two of the workers had given up their resignation two weeks before the video was recorded and that all the others are still working for the chain.

Later, Zoey uploaded another video in which she continued to show images of the day they resigned and in the description wrote "I don't know why they are interested in what happened."

According to the spokesman for the fast food chain, the second video shows the restaurant's kitchen and people still preparing food.