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A father had to sell his car after his son spent $ 2,000 on a video game

The boy made about 29 transactions in the DreamWorks Dragons: Rise of Berk video game.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition.

Should app developers take action or should parents be more vigilant? A 7-year-old boy named Ashaz Mutaza made about 29 mini-transactions from 1.99 to 99.99 pounds sterling (that is, from 55 to 2,764 Mexican pesos approximately) for a total of 1,289.70 pounds (35 thousand Mexican pesos approximately) when playing in DreamWorks Dragons : Rise of Berk .


This happened because in the video game you can choose the different characteristics of the characters, and although it was the free version there were some items with a value greater than 100 dollars . Although the platform always asks for the password to confirm the purchase, somehow the little one knew it.

His father realized from the Apple bill that came to his email, “Initially, I thought I had been scammed . I never thought it would be possible to spend so much money on a children's game, ”Muhammad Mutaza said, The Sun reported. Not having enough money to cover the debt, he had to sell his car, a Toyota Aygo.

The man tried to solve it administratively so that they would recognize that it was an involuntary debt, based on the argument that the little boy only pressed keys at random in order not to lose in the game. After several attempts, the only thing he got was a refund of 207 pounds (5,690 Mexican pesos) from the company.