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Keys to motivate your work team and achieve goals

If you want your work team to have energy and meet its objectives, it is essential that you learn to motivate them.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Motivation helps us meet our goals, both personally and as a team, and is key to effectively and successfully performing any job. If you want your work team to have energy and meet its objectives, it is essential that you learn to motivate them.

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Currently, work motivation is essential to achieve desired productivity and efficiency. For this reason, I share with you some of the keys that I use to ensure that my team has a better attitude and is always willing:

1. Motivation for affiliation

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This type of motivation helps employees of any company to feel part of the team and the organization. People by nature always seek to belong, so the ideal is that your company has a solid identity and that your employees feel proud of belonging to it. The leader of the company or of each work team must commit to their workers, for example, by fulfilling what they promise, otherwise they will lose credibility and their team will not feel motivated.

2. Motivation by competition

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It is about making your employees competent and capable. To achieve this, it is recommended that the company have a good structure and clear rules, so that people can grow within the company. When your collaborators feel motivated they will seek to achieve their goals and will use their intellectual and professional effort. Do not forget that, once your work team reaches its achievements, it is necessary to give them recognition, so that they continue to strive and do not stop being motivated.

3. Labor flexibility

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Allow your employees to work for objectives and goals, and not with a rigid work structure with inflexible schedules that force them to spend 8 hours a day in the office. Today, people are more motivated if they can design their own working hours and choose where they want to work from.

The pandemic caused many companies to let their workers work from home and although the most traditional companies had long opposed this work format, they had to put it into practice for health reasons. In many cases, this model was quite functional, since the company saves expenses such as renting an office, paying for electricity, water, internet services, etc., and many of the employees feel more motivated by being able to accommodate their schedules so that they can spend more time with their family and friends, as well as save many hours in traffic.

4. Promote healthy work habits

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Having good habits is key in any aspect of life, and work is no exception. Contribute and motivate your employees to have healthy habits, such as being organized, having good communication, delivering work on time, keeping what they promise, striving to achieve their goals, etc. One of the things that most motivate employees to have these kinds of habits is being a good example for them as a leader. If you follow through on what you say and acknowledge their efforts, they will do everything possible not to look bad.

Happy and motivated people work better, for that reason as a leader you must be a good example and recognize the achievements of your work team at all times. With the right momentum, it is easier for people to achieve their goals, and when it comes to a work team, trust and support are essential pieces to achieve success.