Half a year and you have not fulfilled your resolutions? You can still get back to your financial goals

We leave you 4 tips that can be useful to fulfill your financial purposes and achieve them during the rest of the year.
Half a year and you have not fulfilled your resolutions? You can still get back to your financial goals
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In January, given the motivation of the beginning of a new year, we all set a series of goals and resolutions for 2021. Now that we are in the middle of the year, it is a good time to reflect on their fulfillment and ensure that, with the Over the months, they have not been forgotten.

Whether you have focused on personal, professional or financial goals, it is important that you follow a strategy not to abandon them. Thinking about this, Principal México shares four tips that can be useful to fulfill your financial purposes and achieve them during the rest of the year.

1. Sort your priorities

Image: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

If among your goals this year you had established to create an emergency fund, but instead of starting it you made several unexpected purchases online, it is a good time to reorganize your priorities.

This does not mean that you stop investing in what you like, such as traveling or taking courses in your favorite activities, but rather that you decide what is more important or necessary at this moment. You still have six months to channel a percentage of your income into your emergency fund, so there is time. The important thing is to prioritize what you want to achieve and work to achieve it. For example, you could postpone your next trip until the end of the year in order to achieve the initial purpose of saving for any emergency.

2. Have realistic goals and results

Image: Isaac Smith via Unsplash

Six months after the start of 2021, if you have not made much progress with your financial resolutions at the beginning of the year, it is advisable to adapt them so that it is possible to fulfill them. After all, it is easier to be successful if we set realistic goals. Set achievable goals, with time limits and an action plan that is achievable. It is a good time to plan what you can do; A recommendation for this is to write your plan, this is more effective than just thinking about it because the "visual reinforcement" will make it more tangible and, above all, possible.

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3. Small steps, big results

Image: Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

One of the difficulties we face is that we often set very big goals, which can overwhelm us. A good option is to start with a less ambitious goal and work your way up to more substantial levels.

For example, if your goal is to save more, as a first step you can establish small actions at home such as the implementation of savings systems in water and electricity services, which will generate a certain amount of money that you did not have before. You can allocate that money to a larger savings goal, which means a benefit for the fulfillment of another of your purposes or some life goal such as your retirement.

Use tools such as Voluntary Savings in the individual account of your Afore, an action that will benefit you in the long term as it will give you the opportunity to improve your pension when you decide to retire.

If you have other types of projects in mind, Investment Funds can be a very useful tool, since, through asset management and personalized treatment, it will be possible to plan and build financial well-being.

4. Don't procrastinate, act

Image: Michael Longmire via Unsplash

If you haven't followed through on your goals, don't be discouraged. Start now. If you keep putting off your goals, time will pass and it will be more difficult to achieve them. Starting today, prioritize your goals, make viable action plans and start step by step. You will see that if you put your hands to work you will achieve what you set out to do sooner than you expect.

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