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For Better Or Worse

Business forecast for the Bush years

This story appears in the March 2001 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Small-business groups hope their agenda doesn't get lost in the shuffle as President and the new get down to the business of trying to get the economy back on track and addressing high-priority issues such as Medicare and Social Security.

Giovanni Coratollo, director of small-business policy for the , says entrepreneurs shouldn't get complacent just because Republicans control the White House and Congress. For example, though all signs point to a tax-cut bill (possibly already in motion by the time you read this), the small-business community will have to be at the table and not take for granted that its interests will be protected. In a highly charged political environment where President Bush will have to find ways to compromise with an evenly divided Congress, apathy could result in the bargaining away of two of 's key tax objectives: substantial reform of the estate tax and 100 percent deductibility for health insurance for the self-employed.

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