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They discover a dinosaur in China and it is baptized in honor of a manga

It is about the famous manga series: Doraemon

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A new species of dinosaur was discovered near the Yuanlin village (in the province of Sichuan, south China), they have named it 'Eubrontes Nobitai' to pay tribute to the famous Japanese manga or cartoon series: Doraemon .

@doraemonChannel vía Twitter

Research co-author Li-Da Xing explained that it was given that name because the cartoon is "one of the most common childhood memories for those born in China in the 1980s" and last year the film, illustrated by Fujiko F. Fujio , it caused many children to be struck by dinosaurs.

Research published in the Journal of Palaeogeography mentions that the fossilized footprints in the Jinyu Xi Creek were already known to local inhabitants , but they never imagined that they would have been the product of dinosaurs millions of years ago.

Four footprints were analyzed, each one measuring 30 centimeters and they are similar to 'golden fish with globe eyes', they think they are from a predator of about 145 million years ago that measured four meters in height that lived in the territory of China during the Cretaceous period.