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Up Sí Vale and Konfío launch a new loan for SMEs

The credit is for working capital and with it SMEs can access amounts that can range from 100,000 to 5 million pesos. The process takes 10 minutes and the response is in less than 24 hours.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition.

The absence of credit destroys a lot of value for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). When financing comes at the right time and after six months, sales growth is between 25% and 28% and in some industries even 40%, said Filiberto Castro, Konfío's chief growth officer.


This online platform that offers productive loans for micro, small and medium-sized companies, as well as independent professionals in Mexico, presented, together with the provider of grocery vouchers, Up Sí Vale , a new loan.

It is about Up Crédito Sí Vale , an option to give credits for working capital to small and medium-sized companies. Compared to the cumbersome procedures that can last an average of four months with various banking institutions, this option is processed in 10 minutes through the internet and offers personalized responses in less than 24 hours. Once the credit is approved, the money is deposited into the business's bank account.

The amounts range from 100,000 to 5 million pesos with annual rates of 25 to 32% (depending on the level of billing and credit history) and terms of up to two years.

This alliance will allow Up Sí Vale to use Konfío's technology and experience to continue strengthening its portfolio of products for companies, while Konfío will boost its growth through Up Sí Vale's robust commercial network.

The goal is to place credit in at least 20% of the 14,000 customers of the pantry card disperser, who have expressed unresolved financing needs, said Gerardo Yépez, CEO of Up Sí Vale.

The new credit model is available to companies that currently benefit from an Up Sí Vale solution, in addition to any company that is registered with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and has more than six months of operation.

How to apply for the credit

  1. Enter the Up site Yes Vale and enter Give your business an Up! to start a request.
  2. Complete personal and business information. With this, the credit history and invoicing of the business is evaluated
  3. Receive a personalized response and get the credit in less than 24 hours