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Levi Ackerman's 803 peso detergent becomes a meme

One of the characters in the animated series Shingeki no Kyojin has his own detergent and it costs "only" 800 pesos.

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Levi Ackerman is one of the favorite characters from the animated series Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) , but we never thought that he would become the favorite to accompany us to wash our clothes.

mihaelkeeehl vía Twitter
Capitán Levi Ackerman de Attack on Titan.

One company decided to release a limited edition of its official cleaner with the face of Captain Levi. The product is touted as: 'Who better than Captain Levi to help you with the laundry?'   Japanese laundry brand Kao teamed up with Attack on Titan to produce this limited edition laundry detergent. This bundle includes the saga's clean-up obsessed Captain Levi.

This article began to go viral after the Tik Tok 8rbvn account showed that he was a big fan of Captain Levi Ackerman, as by receiving his official Shingeki no Kyojin cleaner, he completed his collection of the character.

@ 8rbvn

사랑해 왜 이제 왔어 # 進 撃 の 巨人# リ ヴ ァ イ#aot #levi # 진격 의거 인 # 리바이

♬ Levitating x My War - Roy C

If you are also a big fan of the series or you like to keep yourself clean, you can order the detergent from the Japanese manga series throughShut up and Take my Yen or on eBay at a price of almost 40 dollars (803.19 Mexican pesos al current exchange rate).