Candace Cameron Bure Talks About Being Authentic With Her Fans While Building A Business: 'Money Will Never Get In The Way Of What's True To Me'

For the 'Full House' star, the key to success in business is understanding that her fan base and her customer base are the same.
Candace Cameron Bure Talks About Being Authentic With Her Fans While Building A Business: 'Money Will Never Get In The Way Of What's True To Me'
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Growing up in the entertainment industry can be difficult for actors and actresses, navigating between the various characters they play on screen and the person they become off screen.

The importance of understanding how to connect with your audience is crucial in any field: if you don't stay authentic, genuine and receptive to what your fans or consumers are looking for, trust and coherence in that relationship is lost.

For television star and business expert Candace Cameron Bure , practicing what you preach is the most important way to be successful in both endeavors.

“It all comes down to hard work, building good relationships with people and businesses,” she tells Entrepreneur, animated as always, as she schedules a late-afternoon talk in the middle of a busy week.

It's a look at who Candace and her fans are and have been for the past two decades and beyond: real women multiple titles on their résumé just trying to make it all fit together while enjoying themselves at once.

Connect with your audience

For years, Cameron Bure has been communicating with fans through the screen with his role as DJ Tanner on 'Full House' and 'Fuller House,' the reboot of the show that hit Netflix in 2016 and ran for five seasons.

“I know who follows me, I know who my clients are, which is a fairly wide age range. I have a lot of young children who follow me thanks to Full House and Fuller House, but my main demographic is actually in their 20s to 60s , ”Candace explains. “I know what they are looking for, I pay attention to those things. I have had opportunities to partner with brands that I love, but if I do not think it is the right thing for my client, that is, that they do not feel identified or it does not work in the right price range for them, those are decisions that I take into account . I want it to be something that they can use in their life and that they really love and be worth to them . "

The 45-year-old actress most recently played Aurora Teagarden on Hallmark Channel's 'Aurora Teagarden Mysteries', as well as producing several films for the channel.

"It's what I do and it's what I love," he says.

Many 'Full House' fans watched Cameron Bure's character DJ grow up alongside them, experiencing the ups and downs of what it means to cry, fall in love, and make mistakes. Most importantly, Candace's character showed viewers what it meant to become the most authentic version of yourself.

"I know very well that today people still see DJ Tanner as their older sister or their best friend from television, but I feel that he is genuinely a lot of who I am," explains the actress. "I've been a very open and honest person, I've stayed true to myself and walked on my own, so I hope that seeing DJ as a best friend or older sister blurs the line and that Candace is that older sister or best friend. I want to be authentic and vulnerable in that way and openly share the good and the bad . "

Bring your true 'you' to business

This notion permeates Cameron Bure's business activities, ranging from successful partnerships with companies like Walmart and Canon, to being a New York Times bestselling author and even leading her own brand development company and her own production company, Candy. Rock Entertainment .

Last April, the star debuted her first clothing line Candace Cameron Bure - Fashion , inspired by what DJ Tanner and she would wear in her own personal life. The two tend to be one and the same, a laid-back Californian style, with bright colors and feminine silhouettes.

The businesswoman explains that the line is made to embody what "the real woman wants to wear," with many transition pieces and options to mix and match.

"Unless I'm on a red carpet, I'm wearing pretty casual clothes, but I always want it to feel elevated," she says of the brand's vibe. "Sometimes just wearing fabulous clothes made with quality but at a good price just makes you feel good and makes your day better ."

For Candace a big part of this was making sure her debut line was 'size-inclusive' .

Although the exact data varies according to the sources, the average clothing size for an American woman is between size 14 and 16, and most brands classify from size 14 onwards as 'plus size'.

The Cameron Bure line ranges from the triple extra small size to 5x, with prices ranging from 16 dollars (about 320 Mexican pesos), to the most expensive piece of the line that costs about 100 dollars (about 2,000 Mexican pesos). These prices go back to their philosophy of knowing your audience.

Get to know your fans / clients

Both the actress's clients and fanbase are women of diverse backgrounds who still see her as a role model for being 'the girl next door' representing America's middle class, from young teenagers to trying mothers. balance it all.

"It's incredibly important to me because this clothing is for real women, it's for all shapes and sizes," Candace says. "All women deserve the opportunity to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident in their clothing, and that is what I hope women feel when wearing my clothing line, and having those inclusive sizes was essential."

This, he says, was one of the main reasons why he chose to debut his line with QVC, a brand with which he has worked in association for more than two years.

"I have had a wonderful experience with them, not only as a company, but also with the platform they provide and the type of communication that you can have with the customer," he says. "It feels more satisfying to be able to interact with the customer, not just on social media, but on the live show and talk about your product and clothes, in this case."

Cameron Bure knows that the shopping network model works for her and her fans, and explains that all the companies she does business with are "like-minded" in the sense that quality comes first, both in terms of reputation. as of the product itself.

"A dollar figure will never get in the way of what is true for me," he says.

A heritage of honesty and entrepreneurship

This notion of staying true to oneself and not selling out on any project or business deal is what she hopes to pass on to her children: Natasha, 22, Lev, 21, and Maksim, 19.

Being a mother may be just another of the many hats Candace wears, but she knows that having been and still being a role model for millions over the years will make her continue to want to encourage and inspire as many as possible while still in it. business world.

“I certainly want to be that useful person as a mother in the lives of my children, but also give that opportunity to other young people,” she says. "I want to be able to say 'I'm going to take a risk with you and I'm going to give you this opportunity' and that feels pretty incredible, not just as a mom, but giving that opportunity to other young people as well ."

With or without a clothing line, Candace Cameron Bure just wants to empower and inspire her clients, something that shows when she talks about her activities.

“I want [my clients] to know that their true beauty comes from within,” she says. “That is essential for all of us. And I hope that these clothes simply reflect the beauty that each woman wears inside, and it's just an external reflection of that ... If I'm after something, it means that I really love it, "he concluded.

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