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In a cloud-first world, preparation will be key

For students, entering the job market better equipped means mastering the cloud.

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Sigmund vía Unsplash

A few years ago, companies began their migration to the cloud . More and more businesses are adopting cloud solutions to solve problems, ranging from storage to using artificial intelligence to optimize their operations. In 2020, we saw this trend accelerate exponentially , making this technology the allied tool to continue operations and even grow under a context of changes so acute that they were generated by uncertainty.

This step, which some companies were not ready to take, became indispensable, once companies in the world got used to using the cloud to boost their businesses, there is no turning back. Now, the challenge is to find people trained in this technology to withstand the accelerated changes that all industries present. From collaborators within companies to deploy innovations of this type, to service providers, who offer ready-to-implement solutions, and even developers who seek to solve new problems with ventures in the digital world. According to the OECD, in the next 20 years, 80% of jobs will need STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills. However, only 35 out of 100 potential higher education students choose careers of this type.

Now it is more important than ever to be up to date. For students, entering the job market better equipped means mastering the cloud. This is a changing environment and every day we come across a new piece of innovation. The secret is not to try to master everything, but to know the bases in depth to continue updating on a solid foundation.

At Google Cloud we seek to boost the ecosystem not only with technology, but also with talent. That is why we developed a learning program ( Cloud Learning Program ) for graduates to enter the job market with cloud skills and take advantage of the doors that this industry is opening. We began to implement this program in Mexico this year and we already have the participation of many educational institutions nationwide, based in different states of the Republic. Our goal, through this type of joint initiative, is to reach hundreds of students who can acquire this knowledge that is increasingly relevant.

In recent years we have heard terms such as hybrid cloud, where physical solutions coexist in harmony with cloud solutions. However, the concept that will resonate more and more is that of cloud-first , where the cloud is the first option both due to the advantages it has in terms of security, scalability and flexibility, as well as collaboration. Having this type of knowledge will be the key to take advantage of the growing job opportunities, or to undertake and have more possibilities to sustain a project in a more solid way and thus impact the communities.